Tucson Unified’s Games and Agenda

As we wrote earlier today, the situation in Tucson Unified School District’s (TUSD) sex ed committee is fluid. The administration has not been forthcoming throughout the process and now that they know the public is in the loop, more games may continue.

We are hearing some members of the sex ed committee were not told throughout the process where the committee meeting information was posted on the TUSD website. Even last night as we tried to verify Thursday’s Family Life Curriculum Committee meeting at 4:15PM, we could not find it on the district’s website. The next meeting is listed as June 10th. It should read June 20th.

Why are committee members being told there is a meeting tomorrow night but not the public? Some in TUSD’s administration have joked that the location on the website is a secret.

This may be why. We were just sent a copy of some of the new sex ed standards Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) wants to empower the students with:

  1. Gender and Sexuality

A. Gender and Sexuality can mean different things to different people.

B. There is biological gender and sex includes, such as chromosomes (XX,

XY, and variations) and genetaliaanatomic sex someone is born with.

C. An individual’s gender identity (the gender someone identifies as) and

outward masculine/feminine gender expressions are socio-cultural

constructs based on expectations, stereotypes, and archetypes. Social

norms change over time. Outward expression does not necessarily

correspond to a person’s gender, concept of gender identity (the gender,

[male or female or both, or neither] someone identifies as) and the

outward expression of gender (masculine, feminine, in between)

D. Sexuality is emotional and sexual attraction to others.

When our students are sent home on a weekly basis for early release and “corroboration” between the teachers, is this what is going on? Are our state taxes paying for this garbage through our universities’ Colleges of Education? Despite the fact our heads are spinning, we will keep up to date with the games in Tucson schools.

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