Tucson Unified’s Adults Use Theatrics to Sexualize Children

You just can’t make this stuff up. Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) has been trying to push underage sex of all kinds on their students for years. As they think they are getting closer to success, the outrage from the community in Pima County grows. As the community pays more attention, the games and tricks played by Tucson Unified’s administration and Governing Board members escalate.

The best prelude to the frolics is to watch this short video. It will explain the history and stunts used, not just by TUSD, but all over Arizona and the United States. Substitute the word “Tucson” for almost any other school district–adults we barely know are stealing innocence from OUR children.

Because the District tried to sneak the new sex ed curriculum/framework/scope and sequence/guidelines in without being clear with taxpayers, they were exposed. Due to public outcry and Arizona state law, TUSD was put in a corner and had to have two public forums for the community to give feedback on the sex ed committee’s work. Those forums could not take place less than a week before the sex ed vote. For this reason, the decision will be pushed back to September 10th. Tucson Unified is on record they will not vote on the sex ed until then, and they must be held to this. There is a TUSD Governing Board meeting this Tuesday, the 27th. So far the vote is not on the agenda and it needs to stay that way to comply with Arizona law.

When folks arrive at any public government forum or meeting, they can fill out a form if they would like to make public comment. At the TUSD sex ed forum on the 22nd, those forms were printed on yellow paper. The LGBTQ sex ed supporters filled out their own forms on white paper. That was the first clue the Tucson Unified’s Governing Board was involved in driving the agenda. The link to August 22nd’s meeting is here. We will note various times of interest so readers don’t have to sit through the entire production. At the start of the meeting, Planned Parenthood’s Adelita Grijalva, who also doubles as TUSD’s Governing Board President, laid out the rules.

Ms. Grijalva reminded audience members to be sensitive of others’ feelings and at the 2:30 mark called Freedom of Speech an issue. By prefacing the rules with talk about feelings, that pretty much stops any debate by anyone at all. In other words, we’ve made our decision as a Board and as representatives of Planned Parenthood, we really don’t want to hear from you.

Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo proceeded to tell those in attendance there were gender-neutral bathrooms if needed. He will not be winning any Academy Awards for his performance at the 5:38 mark. It was a line designed for applause from the LGBTQ crowd that was brought in for a future scene.

President Grijalva stated she would call people to the microphone in the “exact order” their request to speak forms were turned in, she said this at the 3:20 mark. Why then did she call on those with white (LGBTQ) forms first? The theatrics started when she allowed Representative Andres Cano to speak first because “he has a crazy schedule.” In other words, you parents working two jobs with three kids, homework to assist with, church and scout meetings to attend, aging parents, and dinner to prepare, your responsibilities are not greater than Representative Cano’s and we will wear you down any way we can. But it’s better than that, Representative Cano is also a huge part of Planned Parenthood Arizona (PPAZ). He is on the Board of Directors; no wonder he got to speak first even though he wasn’t the first to fill out a request to speak card.

This is the same Planned Parenthood Board of Directors that is faced with writing a check for $3 million due to a wrongful termination judgement that was decided earlier this month. It is imperative PPAZ finds some new sources of income and fast. What is confusing is at 7:18 Representative Cano stated as a person of color this new sex ed curriculum was needed. Do Persons of Color enjoy sex differently than those pesky white people? Will Planned Parenthood need to provide segregated sex ed classes based on one’s skin color?

The second person to speak was not the second person to turn in a yellow form, it was a woman who is said to be part of the group who sued the State of Arizona to overturn the law which protected children from learning about alternative sex acts as young as elementary school. She got that wretched law overturned by a bunch of Republicans, was offered to speak second out of turn, and cameras were videoing her so she could have lots of attention, but she was angry anyway.

Must-see TV really began at the 12:25 mark when she declared there would be a walk-out of the public forum (darn that public forum that is required by law–there’s another law for her to sue and overturn!) to the Rainbow Walkway to hold their own Call to the Audience. With that, many attendees dressed in white walked out, all while being filmed by someone who happened to be right up front. Who joined them? Governing Board member and Planned Parenthood representative Kristel Foster.

Since Planned Parenthood’s Governing Board Member Foster missed some of the public comment, is she actually educated about this i$$ue enough to vote on it in September? Maybe her mind is made up. Ironically after the LGBTQ/Kristel Foster group went outside to perform for the cameras, the sky opened and the rain began. Some came back in the auditorium, some went home. One thing to observe is after the walkout, almost all those who support sex ed for little kids were called to the microphone first. There are witnesses who said many in the community who oppose this curriculum change turned in their yellow request to speak forms before the other group, yet most of them were pushed to the end of the line to speak. The only way this could have occurred is for Planned Parenthood’s Grijalva and Foster to have organized the speaking order.

For the reasons listed above, both Tucson Governing Board members Adelita Grijalva and Kristel Foster need to abstain from voting on the new sex ed curriculum on September 10, 2019. They have not been forthcoming with the Tucson community or their fellow Board members. They are heavily influenced by Planned Parenthood. This is THE Planned Parenthood which was exposed for dangerous practices by Dr. William Richardson, who is based at Tucson’s Planned Parenthood.

This is the doctor Tucson Unified will be sending their children to, the same man with the high rate of perforated uteruses and incomplete abortions as testified at the trial in Phoenix two weeks ago. There is a huge physical and emotional liability if TUSD goes this route. Please hold Tucson Unified’s Governing Board members accountable. If they ignore the facts, it’s time families in Tucson find alternatives for their childrens’ education.

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