TUCSON: Call to Action

Arizona has become a national target by the unhappy liberals as they attempt to turn the state blue and spread their misery in the southwest. They have succeeded. Couple that with the floodgates that were opened by the weak Governor Doug Ducey, it’s not a stretch to say our state schools are a mess and getting worse.

Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) has been flirting with Planned Parenthood for several years. Some strong family advocates have done a good job keeping the abortion mill at bay. That’s quite a feat considering 3/5 of the Tucson Unified Governing Board members are funded by Planned Parenthood! However, now that LGBTQ sex ed studies have been approved and celebrated in Arizona schools, the floodgates are open and TUSD couldn’t be happier.

This Thursday is a final meeting of the sex ed committee. As we often remind people, sex hasn’t changed over time so what needs to be changed in the curriculum? Initially this new curriculum is being developed for high school. Once that is set the district will reverse engineer the curriculum down to the 4th grade level. What could go wrong?

The original 1991 law in Arizona required children in state and charter schools be taught that heterosexual relationships are normal. That has been erased so now children will be encouraged to accept and engage in sexual behavior that can cause disease and higher suicide rates. Schools frown on tobacco and high sugar intake; why is TUSD accepting a hazardous sex ed curriculum?

The Genderbread picture has been removed, but the words have not. Marriage between a man and a woman are gone in Tucson Schools, and whatever sex one is when born is their “atomic” sex. By the way, this has been preliminarily approved by the committee by a vote of 4-1. It’s worth noting one of the committee members is a gay man who is in a pretend marriage to another man. Another member of the committee is a self-proclaimed bisexual who was instrumental in writing a law in Pima County banning reparative therapy.

There are two Calls to Action for Tucson in the next week. The first meeting is this Thursday, June 20th at 4:15PM. The sex ed committee will finish reviewing the new curriculum to prepare to send to the Tucson Governing Board for approval. Although the committee facilitator has not had a Call to the Audience to this point, legally there should be one. Therefore, those with family and common sense values are encouraged to attend and request a card to fill out for public comment. As we saw in Cave Creek, Arizona this Spring, these school administrations are not used to having anyone look over their shoulder, especially taxpayers.

Here is information on the second meeting and the address for both:

The situation in Tucson is very serious. The sex ed committee does not represent a cross section of Tucson taxpayers. The curriculum targets minority populations who value traditional family units. Teachers will be forced to spend precious class time on material they and their students are not comfortable with. Tucson Unified is a typical school district in that it tries to slip controversial material into the classroom during the summer when parents are not engaged in school activities. Please attend either or both meetings. We will be posting updates as needed.

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