The Political Catholic Bishops Who Don’t Want to be Political

One does not have to be religious to understand the flaws in Planned Parenthood’s biggest money-making scheme, nor to support the rights of parents to know what their children are learning in school. Science and long-term emotional results are easily understood by those with and without religion.

There was a train wreck on a Catholic Bishops zoom meeting this week which Americans, Catholic or not, can no longer ignore. Those in the pews saw it coming, but what was surprising to many was the loud silence which permeated those computer screens. This website is not a religious website, but it would not be right to rant about politicians who push an anti-life agenda on children and ignore church leaders who do the same.

Let’s connect the dots. Because Catholic bishops have never addressed the spiritual implications of politicians who call themselves Catholic but support the killing of babies through their politics, bills, and votes, we have come to a crossroads. Now that Joe Biden has been occupying the White House, the issue of pro-abortion Catholic politicians receiving Holy Communion has come to the forefront and it must be dealt with. It is important to remember Catholics receive the Body of Christ each Sunday, not a symbol. For this reason, Catholics are asked to refrain from receiving when they are in a state of grave sin. Lifelong Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden know exactly what that means. They are welcome to approach the altar with their arms across their chest for a blessing; many non-politicians do just that each week and nobody bats an eye.

If a few hundred Catholic bishops don’t see abortion as the biggest problem in our current society, then why should our elected officials? Why should our school administrators? Why should the teachers unions? Because the Bishops in the United States had to have a debate to even discuss this matter proves one thing: Everything good has been compromised. Everything. Watching the Bishops dance around Joe Biden’s name on the zoom meeting was dizzying. To Catholics, these men are spiritual fathers. It’s time they start acting like it.

Back to Arizona. The Diocese of Phoenix has been led for almost two decades by one of the most visible and vocal pro-life bishops in the country, Bishop Thomas Olmsted. It was not unusual to find him praying the rosary in front of the Glendale Planned Parenthood. In fact, his fervent prayers have led at least one employee to escape from Planned Parenthood’s tentacles and turn her life around.

But then that Wuhan Virus appeared. Not only did it stifle the economy and vigor of the United States, but it also broke the backs of the majority of American bishops. Suddenly their eyes were not on the prize, the prize of heaven. When they closed the churches and went into hiding, they chose to be part of the culture, part of the world. Things could only get worse, Jesus warned of it. Very few bishops spoke about the evil of abortion, but almost all were vocal about masks when churches reopened. Very few showed any concern for what the Catholic children were exposed to during their on-line studies, but almost all made it a point to rope off pews, thus limiting how many Catholics could return to Mass. Very few bishops uttered a word about Joe Biden’s radical abortion and anti-family policies during the Presidential campaign, but almost all are pushing an experimental injection of which we know very little about.

Phoenix’s Bishop Olmsted used to spend Good Friday praying in front of Planned Parenthood. On Good Friday 2020, he held a rosary in the cathedral and only a handful of VIPs could attend (you know, “the virus”.) Meanwhile, as Planned Parenthood stayed open, the flock could not attend church on Easter Sunday in Arizona. Remember when Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive order requesting Arizonans delay unnecessary medical procedures? Most doctors obliged. Planned Parenthood stayed open. The governor says he’s Catholic. He never uttered a word as the abortion mill used Covid to scare vulnerable women into having abortions. The bishop was also silent. The governor never ordered houses of worship closed in any of his executive orders. (That is the correct approach per the Constitution.) However, the Catholic Arizona Bishops jumped with the rest of the world and closed churches anyway, locking people out at their neediest time. Planned Parenthood stayed open.

The dots are connecting. This week when the American bishops debated about a document, one retired bishop (who can’t make a motion due to being retired) asked the others for a motion to address what Biden and his cronies are doing to the unborn, but not one bishop offered. Silence. Even from our own Bishop Olmsted. Nothing.

Planned Parenthood in Tempe was open today. They perform abortions on Fridays.

This piece is written to defend our children–both current and future, post-abortive men and women who will need healing, mothers who agonize as they place their baby for adoption, and fathers. Included with fathers are those priests who are walking a tightrope as spiritual fathers because they know their bishops let them down. They know their “boss” may not have their backs if Joe Biden visits and gets in line for the Eucharist.

Anybody reading this who thinks this is harsh and disrespectful towards the Catholic hierarchy, read this recent statement from Bishop Thomas Olmsted:

The above is a beautiful explanation about the Holy Eucharist, taken from a recent document Bishop Olmsted wrote titled “Down in Adoration Falling.” Every bishop on that zoom call should have jumped to make a motion to address the pro-abortion activities by Biden, Pelosi, and the many, many others who call themselves Catholic but support abortion in The Public Square. Instead of worrying about the media, donations, or each other, the bishops should have great concerns for the souls of Biden and the like. They took their eyes off the prize–heaven.

As we have said previously, we will defend any teacher or school administrator who challenges the sexual perversion and abortion agenda demanded by schools. The same goes for the priests who defend life and the Eucharist. We hope it has been made clear the flock has your back. Classroom teachers and local priests mean more to a community than any superintendent or Catholic bishop.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood remains open.

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