The Opportunists at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood hired their new CEO this week, and the choice proves the organization is no longer about healthcare and hasn’t been for quite some time.

When the abortion giant selected their previous CEO, a carefully chosen physician, the subtle message was to quiet critics who claimed healthcare isn’t Planned Parenthood’s focus. But the bloom was off the rose quickly as then CEO Dr. Leana Wen and Planned Parenthood’s Board disagreed about politics vs. “healthcare”.

Planned Parenthood has named interim CEO Alexis McGill Johnson as their permanent leader. Her background is not healthcare, but social justice and community organizing. The Daily Beast describes the appointment like this:

The timing of Ms. McGill Johnson’s hire is impeccable. Almost every corporation and business has glombed on to the Marxist-based Black Lives Matter movement. Planned Parenthood needs some damage control as they regularly set up shop in minority neighborhoods to snuff out Black lives and emotionally damage Black mothers. Planned Parenthood repeatedly denies this, but the statistics show otherwise. This article targets the numbers in New York City.

The abortion numbers for Black babies in New York City shouldn’t be a surprise. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio made sure to get Planned Parenthood in the public schools. Other towns better keep their eyes open during the Corona Virus school shutdown. Planned Parenthood may be allowed to get inside and set up shop, but not the parents!

Of course Planned Parenthood stands with Black women! The organization makes a lot of money off them! And that is really all Planned Parenthood is about; “healthcare” is far from their radar.

Hiring Alexis McGill Johnson solidifies Planned Parenthood’s role as one of the chief fundraisers and Get Out the Vote organizations for the Democratic Party. Currently, that also means Planned Parenthood is a leader in support of both the efforts and fundraising of the Democratic Socialist Party and the new political party known as Black Lives Matter. Many will take issue with the last statement, but listen to the words of Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors.

When the above video is scrubbed by the techies in Northern California, here is an article that describes the Black Lives Matter Marxist movement, in Ms. Cullor’s view.

Planned Parenthood is wearing a lot of hats and moving in many directions. Of course, abortion is number one as evidenced by the income it generates. Also, the majority of clinics did not shut down those elective procedures this Spring, while in most states all other elective surgeries were halted due to Corona Virus. But how to keep themselves in front of youth, who are seeing 4d ultrasounds of their living, active babies in utero and changing their minds on abortion?

How about Planned Parenthood and Get Out the Vote!

Planned Parenthood is going to have a busy week coming up in Phoenix. Note the Drag Show on Wednesday. Imagine the fun Mayor De Blasio can have once New York City schools open up again! Now we know why the Arizona House LGBTQ Caucus members have not denounced drag queen shows for children.

After Planned Parenthood’s followers enjoy the drag queen show, they can mingle with One Arizona on Thursday. There’s that Communist fist; didn’t we see that during Red for Ed?

What better legislator to have on the front page of One Arizona’s website–Representative Raquel Teran, who draws income from Planned Parenthood and sponsored a bill in 2019 to let babies die. That sure sounds like healthcare!

Speaking of Red for Ed, remember Save our Schools Arizona? Let’s help get liberal Planned Parenthood activists running for school board on the ballot. Who cares about education? As long as Planned Parenthood can access the little darlings.

Back in January of this year, Planned Parenthood brought all kinds of reinforcements to a Chandler School Board meeting. What started out as a discussion about sex ed in schools turned into a long line of people at the microphone discussing equality and inclusion, not sex ed. Planned Parenthood called in all the reinforcements possible to disrupt the Chandler community. No wonder Alexis McGill Johnson got the top job permanently; she knows how to community organize and funnel money to Democrat candidates and causes, and that trickled all the way down to a suburban school district in Arizona.

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