The Bill and Melinda Gate$ Covid Vaccine

This post is simply to share some information that is being hidden from Americans. There is much controversy about the fast-tracked Corona Virus vaccine. Once again, we are being divided into tribes by the media, Big Tech, Big Education, and corporations. We are either for or against the vaccine. We are often told to “check with your doctor.” Well, many of these same doctors push Gardasil on children, so who do we believe at this point?

For these reasons, we are linking a video here about the history, money trail, DNA manipulation, and other dangerous components of the Corona vaccines. The doctor refers to funding by Bill and Melinda Gates for the Moderna vaccine. That can never be good.

Twitter is censoring the video, so it will likely soon be removed from the internet. Watch as soon as you can and record it if possible.

And to Bill and Melinda Gates, no Christmas presents for either of you.

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