The Big Picture in Arizona: Sex Trafficking

Now that most of the country has awakened to the war on children, we must identify who is the puppetmaster and why. We used to think Big Education was simply aligned with the Democrats and so to them big government is better government. That might have been the case until the hypersexualization of children became the norm.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and outgoing Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe were very honest in recent months about how they feel about parents. Now we know the war isn’t just on children, but also their parents. Why?

We don’t have the answers but there is one possibility that hardly anyone talks about above a whisper. Due to the severity of the damage being done on children, especially in Arizona, we are going to lay out the dots and see which ones can be connected.

Arizona is the number one location for sex trafficking in the world.

Sex and human trafficking is a $99 billion/year industry.

The main reason for sex trafficking is the “product” can be reused, unlike a drug which is only used once.

A child who is trafficked may be used up to 25 times/day.

About 100,000 children/year are trafficked, up to 25 years old.

The number one way to become a victim of trafficking is online.

In 2020 (start of Covid), there was a 98% increase in online attempts by sex traffickers to recruit children. (Are you paying attention yet?)

Since Covid, there has been a 40% increase of trafficking children in homes. Most think of dingy hotels being used, but often the homes used are in neighborhoods, and neighborhoods of any income level.

The average age a child is first trafficked is 11-14. Boys are also trafficked.

The number one place for a child to begin being trafficked in Arizona is Desert Ridge Mall.

Has anything above caught your attention? (Statistics are provided by the Phoenix Dream Center).

One of the significant risk factors include recent migration or relocation. It is curious why all the illegals are allowed into our country since Joe Biden, who along with his wife, are huge supporters of teachers unions. Does the local Vanguard and Blackrock-owned media in Arizona report on the amount of children of illegal immigrants who are enrolling in Phoenix Union High School District?

A stretch of 27th Avenue in Phoenix is called “The Blade.” Phoenix Union’s boundaries include this area. Thanks to local affiliate 12News for producing a piece on The Blade and where to get help.

Other risk factors for becoming a sex trafficking victim are substance use, mental health concerns, involvement with the child welfare system, and being a runaway or homeless.

Sometimes after a girl is rescued she associates her femininity to trafficking and no longer wants to be female. (How ironic, it is now encouraged to teach about transgender options in Arizona schools.)

Many children who are trafficked develop a drug addiction. They need to continue the lifestyle to feed their addiction.

This post is not to blame anyone specifically for this situation. It is being written to open eyes as to the environment in which we have put our children, at the behest of the government and education systems, that can set the table for them to be trafficked.

Why are there so many migrant children in facilities under Joe Biden? Keep this in mind when watching the video clips later in the post of a woman who was sex trafficked.

Sex traffickers groom children using the internet. Currently the education system sexually grooms children through the internet and also in the classroom so that conversations and activities regarding sex become normal, even in elementary grades. Every time a child turns on his computer for virtual learning an entire world of sexual options is at his disposal. What are our schools currently doing after closing their doors and pushing kids to learn on computers? They are quarantining children too often and for too long a time, which sends kids right back to their computers. The Maricopa County Health Department is complicit in this. By law school districts are to obtain a court order to prove a student needs to be quarantined. That isn’t happening, while the Maricopa County Health Department and Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools Steve Watson are silent.

Meanwhile, Covidian Governor Doug Ducey just committed $100 million to expand high speed broadband in underserved areas of Arizona. Great, nothing like making it easier for children to spend more time on computers.

We have covered online data bases for several years and so far only one lawmaker in Arizona has reached out to us with any concerns. Instead we keep funding these portals of porn through our state, city, and county property taxes.

We have written about the hands-on sexual treasure trove administered by the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) through Arizona Family Health Partnership. What happened? AZDHS awarded themselves another $1.5 million to entice young people to more sex websites.

When parents tell their governing boards they want to review the sex ed curriculum, including videos, handouts, and teacher training manuals, they are labeled domestic terrorists and some districts collude with the local police department. Phoenix Union has not returned our call from a month ago advising us where we can obtain the teachers manual for their proposed sex ed curriculum to be voted on this month. Almost two years ago, the “GOP Leadership” in the Arizona Senate killed a bill which would have mandated transparency by school districts and banned sex ed in public schools through fifth grade.

When school employees expose young children to sex, whether directly or indirectly, they make it easier for the sex trafficker. The desire to sexually groom children in the classroom is coming from the top, from the National Education Association (teacher union) down through the state and local teachers unions, the Arizona School Board Association, and down to radical teachers who recruit kids for sexual reasons.

There are a few videos floating around that may be hard to swallow. On November 10, 2021, Stew Peters aired an interview with a young woman who had been trafficked for most of her life. The entire interview can be seen here. There are a few sentences his guest, Ally Carter, said which caught our attention and they had to do with schools and Arizona. In this clip she discusses the threat of being shipped to Arizona.

Keep these clips in mind as schools parade more and more social and emotional learning coaches and leaders into your child’s day. There is a reason parents are being pushed to the side and in some cases arrested for merely wanting to parent their children. Historically, children were placed in CPS or foster care because they were living in an abusive situation. Now a child can be removed from a perfectly loving home if the parents don’t agree with the child’s or social worker’s desire to allow him or her to transition to the opposite sex. We predict the next wave of declaring a parent unfit will be when Mom and Dad refuse to let their child receive the Covid shot. This will be a piece of cake for a school to declare a home environment as unsafe, then notify authorities, and in comes CPS. Is it any coincidence Governor Ducey is tracking Covid and building a data base for the Feds?

Just in the last couple years there have been a myriad of reports of teachers and lawmakers more than dabbling in porn or sex with students. Who can forget disgraced former Senator Alleged Pedo Tony Navaratte and all his photo ops at schools, with no parents around? He also put the childrens’ photos online for all to see.

Next is online porn guru Representative Diego Rodriguez. He would like to be Arizona’s next attorney general. That will be convenient for those who use children and women as porn props.

Current LGBTQAlphabet Caucus Representative Daniel Hernandez is running for Congress. Evidently he is entitled because he says he’s gay, Hispanic, and doesn’t like guns. Look what he does in his spare time with Alleged Pedo Tony Navarette.

Only last month, an employee in the athletic department at McClintock High School in Tempe was arrested for alleged sex trafficking.

On December 2, 2021, parents in Paradise Valley Unified Schools were made aware of inappropriate conduct by a math teacher. Details are still pending, but this tweet says it all.

It does appear districts do much more to protect themselves than they do the students. Paradise Valley is the same district which recently made the news for its obscene book selection.

Who can forget ABC15’s Steve Irvin and his Red for Ed chum from Deer Valley Unified Schools? Former teacher Aude Odeh was arrested on charges of sexual misconduct and molestation with a female student. Where was the condemnation from Red for Ed for alleged sexual misconduct with a female student? From the Arizona Education Association? Any school districts care to comment?

Therapist Maurice Harker works with those who have been traumatized by sexual misbehavior. He has this to say.

There are questions swirling right now about George Cardenas, a teacher in Phoenix Union High School and Vaccination District. He was arrested in September for a possible relationship with an underage student. As of this writing, his Linkedin shows he is still employed there, which is likely if the case isn’t closed.

Taxpayers are on the hook right now for Cardenas’s pay and benefits while the matter plays out.

Untrustworthy adults want to control and change other people’s children. Can this video be ignored? The source took the original music video down after the negative publicity, but below is a quick synopsis along with the cast of characters. Some of their rap sheets are in the video. Once again, we are including screenshots in case this video “disappears.” The “We’ll convert your children” video has some interesting characters… – Bing video

This gay mens choir video The Daily Caller put together adds the normalization of Drag Queen Story Hour and how the industry tricks children (and parents). San Francisco Gay Choir: ‘We’ll Convert Your Children’ – Bing video

But not in Arizona, right? Well, on December 6, 2021, a mother in the Scottsdale Unified School District (aka the “dossier district”) was interviewed on James T. Harris and explained LGBTQ and other indoctrination is happening currently at her child’s school.

The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris | iHeart

As public schools remove police officers and add social workers and therapists, do we really know who these people are who have access to our children? Sure they have gone through a background check, but clearly too many are slipping through the cracks. Parents go to great lengths to establish a working relationship with their kids’ teachers. But who are all these other people and why exactly are they taking up teaching time?

Why is all of this being ignored by elected officials, administrations, the unions, and even businesses? As a society we have sunk to a low where there is no right and wrong. Admit it, when there is no God, there is no goodness. That leaves one avenue to take our kids down, and that is the road with Satan. This is how Satan works. through trickery.

In 2020, Jeanne Casteen, former Creighton School Board member, ran unsuccessfully for the Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools. Look what she is doing now.

In the middle of Advent, Casteen and her Planned Parenthood sisters are planning a Secular Summit. Don’t forget to sign up, the event is this Saturday! We hope they wear masks for protection from anything bad.

Is it a coincidence Scottsdale Schools are being run by a governing board which is disrespectful of parents’ values? Scottsdale is getting some special visitors in February.

In summary, the table is set. Public school students are being emotionally separated from their parents and siblings due to the agenda coming from the government and unions, and funded by Democrats AND Republicans. Additionally, quarantines and masks have caused further isolation. We have driven the kids to the confines of a computer. That computer becomes their friend; there is someone on the other end the children can open up to. There is an adult world they can explore with the support of Big Education, whether or not their parents agree to it. Soon someone befriends the boy or girl and they meet somewhere. That may be the last time the parents see their child. Yes, in Scottsdale, in Desert Ridge Mall, in Phoenix Union High School District, in Tempe, everywhere. Anyone’s child is simply one bad decision away from being trafficked.

We promised a bigger picture in a recent post and now we have laid it out. Thanks to the education system and all elected officials who fund these sexual opportunities called “education”.

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