Tempe Union High School District’s Short Memory

In light of the recent Planned Parenthood videos, a local taxpayer decided to politely ask the Tempe Union High School administration to sever its ties with its Planned Parenthood-based Sex Ed curriculum it recently adopted.

In one weekend, he gathered two pages of signatures from fellow citizens in the district.  He did not attend any Tea Party meetings or school board meetings to get these signatures, it was merely word of mouth and knocking on doors.

On August 10, 2015 a copy of the letter and signatures were sent by registered mail to Superintendent Kenneth Baca and each School Board member.  He is hoping for action by the Board who works for him and his fellow citizens, and the Superintendent who receives a hefty paycheck from these same taxpayers.

As of this writing, only one response has been generated.  New Board Member, DeeAnne McLenahan discussed the letter privately with this gentleman at a local meeting this week.  Ms. McLenahan was not a board member at the time of the final curriculum vote, however, she was on the Sex Ed committee, the one that invited Planned Parenthood to present for 90 minutes on January 7, 2014.  And Ms. McLenahan voted YES on FLASH as a committee member.

Ms. McLenahan acknowledged the registered letter and request.  However, she corrected Mr. Citizen, telling him the curriculum has nothing to do with Planned Parenthood.

Then what does this Arizona Republic this article mean?  Notice how the Republic reporter dances around the source of the “Seattle” curriculum.  As was said over and over during public comment in 2014, google FLASH Sex Ed and “Planned Parenthood” pops up on the computer screen.

According to the Arizona Republic article, Planned Parenthood’s favorite male cheerleader, David Schapira, also denies Planned Parenthood and FLASH are linked.  Why, then, is FLASH on PP’s website as one of its curriculums?

If something is said often enough it must be true, right?  Or is something said often enough so as to give Planned Parenthood cover so the campaign dollars and grant money keep flowing?


Update 8-15-15

Brandon Schmoll, TUHSD’s newest board member (therefore was not involved in the curriculum vote last year), contacted the letter-writer to acknowledge receiving his correspondence.  Mr. Schmoll did remind him TUHSD is also using Choosing the Best as one of its Sex Ed curriculums.

Good point, there is an alternative to FLASH for the kids in Tempe High Schools.  I wonder, though, why was FLASH added last year?  Choosing the Best was already in use at two of TUHSD’s high schools.  What made the district go through all the meetings, negative media coverage, Alliance Defending Freedom breathing down its back, and marginalizing the public when an acceptable, non-controversial curriculum was already in place?

Maybe David Schapira can tell us.



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