Tempe Unified High Schools Begin Re-Education Camp

This website started because Tempe Union High School District (TUHSD) wasn’t real keen on following Arizona law back in 2013. That is when the district, led by Tempe’s Pink Boy David Schapira, tricked the public into thinking he had no involvement in this illegal move. Although AZCentral sent a reporter to each meeting, the coverage was weak and thus this website was born.

Well, here we go again. In late March, Governor Doug Ducey followed science while protecting girls and their athletic opportunities. He signed SB1165 into law so young men cannot pull a Lia Thomas and compete against girls for accolades and coveted athletic scholarships. That is leadership and we thank Senator Nancy Barto who sponsored the bill. It is horrible to think states have to pass legislation to follow basic genetics.

Another bill to protect minors was also signed into law, SB1138. This law prevents children from having irreversible mutilation surgery. We also thank Governor Ducey for signing this bill; too bad it will hurt Phoenix Childrens Hospital’s transgender surgery department. In this post, we will focus mainly on SB1165.

Tempe Union didn’t like SB1165 or SB1138, or at least those who pull the strings in the district didn’t like those bills. The puppeteers don’t care what is safe for girls or what parents and teachers on staff know to be true. The TUHSD governing board wrote a resolution on April 6, 2022 and there will be no safe space at any Tempe Union campus for anyone who is straight or Christian.

Once again, the radicals really try to redefine words. Notice how often the word “authentic” is used nowadays when referring to individuals who take hormones and cut reproductive organs from their bodies. We will not be tricked to believe authentic means pretend, phony, or surgically modified. When TUHSD wrote the words “inclusive” and “safe”, did the Board have Christians in mind? How about the student restrooms, will young men frequent the girls’ restrooms? Where can straight kids go when they need to use the restroom? What about straight kids in the P.E. locker room, is there a safe space for them? Does Tempe Union know that in some districts, girls are not eating or drinking all day so as to not to need their restroom which is being used by boys? How safe is that TUHSD?

How about this study about horrible negative side effects in transgender patients? Is that safe TUHSD?

Top pediatrician: Teenage transgender medicine a deadly path (washingtonexaminer.com)

Below is a clip from a local podcast. The host of Backyard Politics reads strategy from GLSEN, the poisonous lobbying firm which sexually grooms youth in the school environment, many times without parents knowing.


Agree with the clip or not TUHSD, this is how most with a working brain feel about the mind games you are playing. Here is the complete Backyard Politics video from December 18, 2021.

Back to SB1165, it barely passed the Arizona Legislature because Democrats aren’t allowed to think for themselves and follow science or they will be primaried with a more radical candidate. Take note of all the NO votes, these are the people who don’t protect girls, either in sports locker rooms or on the playing field. These representatives say they are pro-women but they really aren’t, they use women for votes like they are a piece of meat.

How ironic it is to see Kyrene Elementary Schools’ darling Representative Mitzi Epstein vote against the girls in her district. Also, Look-At-My-Boobs Alma Hernandez and her brother, I-Think-About-Gay-Sex-All-Day Daniel Hernandez didn’t vote. Isn’t that strange? Last year, Alma Hernandez supported boys on girls teams, what happened? Could it be they are worried about their pending elections and don’t want this vote held against them?

When visiting the Arizona Legislature’s website, there is an option for the public to give an up or down vote on each bill. This is called the Request to Speak (RTS) system. There is more irony when looking at the names of folks and organizations who oppose women and girls.

Planned Parenthood representatives don’t want girls to have equal footing during athletic competition? We have always been told Planned Parenthood was pro-woman……

Jeanne Casteen gets two votes, one for herself and one to represent the anti-Christians. Now things are making sense.

How does discriminating against girls represent liberty?

Is it just a coincidence Jodi Liggett was on the payroll for Planned Parenthood in 2014 when Tempe parents pushed back against the abortion mill’s curriculum?

Well, well, well, the Arizona School Boards Association which gushes about equality and inclusiveness does not support equality for young girls. Who knew?

Yeah, right. Ask, Riley Gaines, the NCAA swimmer who came in second to that broad-shouldered man Lia Thomas about “equality”.

Of course, Arizona Family Health Partnerships makes money off sexually grooming children. Read all about it here.

Speaking of money, why wouldn’t psychologists and social workers want to get their hands on Arizona’s children? It’s a cash cow to be able to groom, diagnose, drug, and then separate children from their parents, either physically or emotionally. Community schools anyone?

By the way, when perusing the Request to Speak on SB1138 preventing gender mutilation surgery, many of these same names did not support the bill; in other words, they support permanently disfiguring and sterilizing children. Jodi Liggett got six votes this time. It’s kind of Chicago style.

The drama in Tempe Union doesn’t end with this resolution. A new principal was named for Marcos de Niza High School (MdN). TUHSD had to go all the way to San Francisco to find a qualified candidate. Word was there was a candidate at neighboring Corona del Sol High School, Steve Threadgill, who many staff wanted but he came in second, like Riley Gaines. Was Mr. Threadgill not radical enough to align with this militant resolution?

Joe Dominguez from San Francisco Unified Schools was chosen to lead MdN.

Mr. Dominguez has been principal at Lowell High School in San Francisco. Look at this racist program at Lowell High School. It’s not very inclusive!

Since Tempe Union High School District has come out publicly and let the community know they are sexually grooming students, will opt-in forms be issued for the sex ed the district will be driving into each child’s school day? That is Arizona law, let’s not walk that tightrope again TUHSD.

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