Summer Camp the Olympia School District Way

Before getting into the meat of this article, keep in mind that many school districts refuse to allow anything having to do with religion on their campuses, especially if Christianity is involved.  Ask yourself if you have fallen for calling the time off at the end of December “Winter Break” instead of Christmas Vacation.  Schools in Tempe, Arizona like to call Good Friday “Holiday Friday.”  What might the “holiday” be?  Often this mysterious day off coincides with Passover.  Wow, that’s a double-whammy against traditional Judeo-Christian values.

Up in the Pacific Northwest, Olympia, Washington is no different.  As a parent reflected, the students cannot be subjected to Jesus, religious Christmas songs, or anything Biblical.  After all, someone may be offended.

In case you missed it, a special fine arts camp came to Lincoln Options Elementary last summer.  Would it be possible for the local Evangelical church to rent out Lincoln Options for a music camp this summer, or would that be offensive because some of the kids may wear a necklace with a cross on school grounds?

Lincoln also has a couple camps for their 5th graders, sort of a right of passage.  They take the kids away from their parents for time with nature and each other.  Camp Cispus is an outdoor overnight experience that the 5th graders enjoyed May 4-6, 2016.  Camp Elderberry is an all-day excursion, on Friday June 3rd, which culminates in 5th grade graduation in the evening.  Here’s an excerpt from the Lincoln Newsletter describing the Camp Cispus trip while it was in the planning stages:

camp elderberry

The above description may seem benign, except one of the counselors at Camp Cispus was reported to be a man who is now a woman who was in charge of the girls’ cabin.  Sounds like he/she should do its shopping at Target!   Parents everywhere, research where you are sending your kids, especially if it has anything to do with your government-funded schools.

If GLSEN and Planned Parenthood read this post, they may call it hateful and judgmental.   Will they call Olympia Schools hateful and judgmental for demeaning the “holidays” celebrated by many of the students and faculty?


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