Success in Reading, PA for the Children and Life!

We have been covering the recent developments in Reading, Pennsylvania regarding the district partnering with Planned Parenthood to allow the “non-profit” to open a clinic INSIDE Reading High.  On June 21st at the Committee of the Whole, the idea was pulled from the schedule!

According to LifeSiteNews, the negative pressure may have been too much.

Isn’t it nice to see some blue shirts instead of pink?   Diversity is what is being taught in schools, right?  Here’s a picture from LifeSiteNews and a quote from a young local citizen:

Julia Coppa’s quote is priceless.  School districts and politicians should think hard about her comment.

However, the fight is not over.  As we know, Planned Parenthood will be back and will be extremely prepared. Another proposal for the Reading School Planned Parenthood clinic will likely occur in August.  We will need to be ready to stand up for life and for the children once again.

Thanks to everyone who jumped in at the local Pennsylvania rally, by email, phone, and social media.

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