Success in Orange County, California–Yes, California!

This was sent to us from Mass Resistance California so we can update our readers who have been following the shenanigans in Anaheim.

Shanda, the mother in Anaheim, is not a politician.  She is a parent like many of us.  She was minding her own business until her school district took it upon themselves to fundamentally change the direction of teaching and learning in her district.  Instead of waiting for someone else to take action, Shanda jumped in and turned things upside down.

As noted in the article, her public records requests were crucial for gathering evidence.  It is your right to obtain information from your governments and school boards.  They likely will resist.  They will tell you they are busy, if they respond at all.  They may send you only partial information.  Don’t give up.  Check your state statutes to see if there are time limits for them to respond and any repercussions if they don’t.  If you can’t find a public records request form on your district’s website, call and ask them to email you one.

Currently in Arizona there are two school districts who have not returned our public records requests in a timely manner.  Both have told us they are busy.  Public school districts don’t want to share information because their spending and agenda will be uncovered, which will derail their constant begging for more money and administration.

Don’t depend on the media to do this for you.  You are the parent/taxpayer, you can do it yourself.  You can be Shanda.  For the children.

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