Social Emotional Learning, a Fancy Title for Promoting Racial Tensions and Gender Ideology

As parents and caring teachers expose the vicious agendas in their local government schools, the other side has quickly moved to change the narrative and the language. Do we see a pattern here? Whenever those on the naughty list want to change the world, they play with the English language to confuse the audience. Suddenly everything is backwards.

Once parents realized sex ed is no longer the science of anatomy and physiology but instead a door for Planned Parenthood to make their children long-term clients, the description had to change. Sex Ed became Sexual Health, Inclusion, or Gender Ideology, among other things. Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been finally unmasked so politicians rode the wave and told us they banned its teaching in Arizona. (Don’t get excited and stop reading, it isn’t the case.) And in the final hours of the 2021 Arizona Legislative Session, Republicans crossed the aisle and approved Social Emotional Learning (SEL) so children can feel good about themselves until they won’t and eventually parents won’t recognize their own kids.

As promised, we will dabble in the Social Emotional Learning sphere so parents will understand the government indoctrination centers wrapped up sex ed, race theory, and SEL in one shiny package. Imagine the Christmas Buick commercials where the new vehicle is sitting outside with a big red bow and snow is falling and everyone lives happily ever after.

Arizona school districts have quietly rolled out Social Emotional Learning handouts to district teachers and the pressure is on to exchange precious class time for SEL. An 86-page document was sent to Phoenix Union High School (PUHSD) teachers and those who choose to teach their core subjects instead of SEL will pay some sort of price.

School districts didn’t put this together in the last week after Governor Doug Ducey and Republican Legislators gave their blessing. These documents were already in the hands of teachers. Back to the banning of Critical Race Theory in Arizona public schools Republicans bragged about and Democrats moaned about–it’s on the third page! Governor Ducey, since CRT is hidden in the SEL documents, is it okay to teach? You told us no Critical Race Theory but three cheers for Social Emotional Learning. Which is it?

(Side note: Who wants to teach in a school district with such a negative welcoming?)

Here is the soft segue into gender and inclusion, along with race because there is no reason to miss a race opportunity:

At last, the wheel, the grand opportunity for students to look at themselves and each other as part of a tribe, us vs. them, instead of equal opportunity for all Americans and children of God.

And there it is, the opportunity to slip in “Sexual Health”, not anatomy and physiology. We marked the “Religion/Spiritual Practice” wedge because this is where the adults who are teaching SEL may take it upon themselves to contradict the religious traditions taught by parents. This can lead to a teacher, social worker, or counselor using the opportunity to deem a student as “confused”. The next stop may just be the LGBTQAlphabet support group and some transition hormones with no consent from the parents. Don’t laugh, this is occurring in the United States and is becoming more commonplace.

Like many of the Republicans in the Arizona Legislature, Legislative 18 Representative Mitzi Epstein (D) is either ill-informed about SEL or she wants control over what Arizona students think. Watch this clip from June 28, 2021.

Phoenix Union has been planning this agenda for awhile. These emails date back to the Spring of 2021.

Notice the title of the email is SEL, but in the body the writer changes the name to “Check and Connect Lessons.” That was good thinking by Phoenix Union. This way next year if the Arizona Republican legislators try to ban the teaching of “Social Emotional Learning” it won’t matter, it’s called something else and PUHSD can carry on.

For another example of word-switch, the email below which is supposed to be about SEL now refers to racism. And look at the bribe teachers get for teaching SEL–a $10 Amazon gift card! Of course, Amazon can’t let a crisis go to waste either. Everyone wins!

What if a teacher really just wants to teach his math class, after all the students have to have math to graduate from high school. Too bad! The “Advisory Hour” on a teacher’s schedule once referred to time to tutor and guide children in their academic studies. Teachers now know Advisor Hour in now Social Emotional Learning hour. Mesa Public Schools are tying teacher pay to teaching Critical Race Theory (White, Male, Christian hate).

Not only will teacher pay be affected, all high quality teachers who originally contracted to teach academics are being pressured by Superintendent Chad Gestson to dump academics for social emotional learning due to a crisis the schools themselves created.

Well, Superintendent Gestson can’t be everywhere. So he has his minions from the local teachers unions roaming and reporting. One of of them is this social justice warrior, April Coleman, who is reporting to Joe Thomas, Arizona Education Association President.

Ms. Coleman is on the payroll at Phoenix Union but she is really doing union work by recruiting full-time for the union from her office in the district. The more she can recruit (with gift cards as rewards), the more eyes will be on those teachers who don’t participate in SEL, and those who don’t play the SEL game will be called in for follow-up.

Our solid, honest teachers are living in fear, Social Emotional Learning is causing kids to second guess themselves and their parents, but it’s all okay because Arizona State Senator Sean Bowie said there will be fewer suicides and the Arizona Legislature and Governor Ducey fell for it.

One thought on “Social Emotional Learning, a Fancy Title for Promoting Racial Tensions and Gender Ideology

  • July 21, 2021 at 8:39 am

    Either Ducey and the Az Leg fell for it or they were for it to begin with. Either way, this lie has fooled too many people who won’t research for themselves. Thank you for speaking out!


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