Save Our Schools Arizona and Politicking

There are several laws which govern 501c3 non-profit organizations. Most groups are very careful to follow the law, but then there is Big Education. In Arizona, Save Our Schools Arizona (SOS) gained notoriety when they formed to lobby for increased “education” funding. It seems to have worked since the Republican Governor and Legislature obey their demands and continually increase funding for public schools, regardless what the media and SOS representatives recite in soundbites.

In reality, SOS Arizona is a mechanism to elect radical, liberal candidates to all offices, using education funding as the divisive issue. This group is against curriculum transparency and supports Planned Parenthood influencing children, all while protecting the education industry instead of the education of students. This is the same group which breached the personal data of thousands of families in 2020.

Here is are some guidelines any 501c3 must follow:

When visiting the Arizona SOS website, there is no mention of candidates or political parties. But take a look at the SOS Twitter feed. Without actually endorsing candidates, Save Our Schools is definitely making ties with some campaigns, while directing the public to turn against other campaigns. Here is a tweet supporting Democrats in Arizona LD28.

Arizona SOS is spending lots of time convincing LD20 votes to NOT support Republicans in the state legislature.

These photos don’t necessarily support a candidate, but they are sure telling voters who not to support. In the following tweet, SOS killed two birds with one stone, partnering with LDs 18 and 26 Democrat legislators in the Arizona Legislature.

The following endorsements by Arizona SOS leave no doubt this 501c3 is heavily involved in candidate endorsements.

On September 27, 2020 Chandler Governing Board member Lindsay Love (Chandler’s Planned Parenthood representative) was asked to give the closing keynote address to GLSEN’s Phoenix chapter Virtual Back2School summit. The address was geared more towards grooming students to be activists instead of students. Ms. Love advertised for SOS Arizona.

Save Our Schools is walking a political tightrope:

Let’s watch Save Our Schools Arizona over the next 18 months. Will this organization return the favor for Ms. Love’s endorsement?

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