Satan Isn’t Coming to Town, He’s Already Here

We recently wrote a post that was controversial to some, even those who agree with us most of the time. The reason is near the end of it when we discussed the rise of Satan and the deliberate elimination of God in decisions made by educators and government officials. Christians who attend church weekly rarely hear the “S” word, and they often don’t want their children to hear it.

Because we want immediate approval for all our choices, Satan’s power has a stranglehold on our culture and government right now. As a society, politeness has morphed into acceptance, maybe out of fear of repercussions. So we now have abortion advocated by schools and funded by the government. Abortion has developed into a huge financial business for medical research. Girls and boys have devastating surgeries and take dangerous hormones for a lifetime (more dollars for Big Pharma). Some man in Pennsylvania changed his physical appearance so he can compete on his college’s womens’ swim team pretending to be female. Librarians host Drag Queen Story Hour for children, sexualizing kids who aren’t even in kindergarten. A soon as anyone calls out these behaviors, the liberals in the political party sans God call names and begin the cancel process. That is challenging for the be-nice-all-the-time Christians, especially those in the Republican Party hierarchy and the Catholic Church who want to keep federal dollars flowing through their accounts.

Right now the hoopla is about the Satanic Temple’s upcoming conference in Scottsdale in a few weeks. This has been brewing for years. Back in 2016, the Satanic Temple in Tucson was gearing up to start After School Satan Clubs in local schools.

Of course Tucson, the home of Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood fame. What could go wrong?

Recently a school in Moline, Illinois offered the same club to its students. And in no time a school in Ohio joined Moline. It looks like they used the same invitation, just changed the school’s name.

It’s a great story for the media to get clicks. And likely there will be a field of candidates campaigning this fall with the “No Satan Clubs in our public schools” tag line, with a “Donate Now” link for the candidate. But nobody talks about WHY Satan is appearing everywhere. It is because we let him, we chose him over God.

A prime example of Christians playing nice is allowing the flat out, dead wrong, non-scientific godless liberals to own the narrative. How many times at the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on January 20, 2022 did we hear the term “Trans Girls” during the SB1165 debate? The children referenced in the bill are boys, check their genetics. When a woman has a hysterectomy, is she suddenly a man because her female organs were removed? Absolutely not, because she has XX chromosomes. Another gift to the other side is the term “pro-choice.” Where is the adoption choice in Planned Parenthood’s advertising? Planned Parenthood and all the other abortion mills are pro-abortion, call it what it is.

Below is some honesty from a former Planned Parenthood director.

So now the Satanists are coming to Scottsdale, the home of the school board president’s dossier on parents who oppose him in a classy suburb near the epicenter of sex trafficking. Satan should feel right at home. Not only is the Satanic Conference coming to Scottsdale, the local Catholic bishop, who six years ago begged for men to go “Into the Breach”, is telling his flock to ignore it.

Bishop Olmsted, Satan is already legitimate in the religious, public, and social arena. And since Covid we have more evidence Satan’s Planned Parenthood is legitimate in the medical arena. Remember those abortion-tainted “vax” events a few parishes and a local Catholic high school held last year? Little did we know that while a group praying the rosary was kicked off the grounds of St. Simon and Jude Cathedral, little babies were being used to produce some of the Covid monoclonal antibody treatments. How about this juicy tidbit from DePaul, a “Catholic” university? Since when does Catholic teaching embrace eight genders? What should we know about this piece by Church Militant exposing the relationship with abortion-tainted Pfizer, China, and the Vatican? Is this why all Vatican employees must get the shot? Those who work in the Diocesan bubble may not realize what is going on in the real world. While spiritual warfare will be alive and well in local parishes as the Bishop requests, there WILL be a public gathering for three days outside The Saguaro Hotel, the new home of the Satanists this February. Lay Catholics watched as only Satan could have had a hand in closing their churches at the start of Covid. Only Satan could have confused the Catholic hierarchy and priests to neglect their vows and deny sacraments to their flock. Lay Catholics are ready to go Into The Breach and stand in prayer during the Satanic Conference. Catholics won’t be alone on the sidewalk, they will be joined by strong leaders from other Christian churches.

We were taught as children not to lie because it will snowball and ultimately the lies will grow to cover for the original “tiny” lie and we’d be in worse trouble. This is the same as any dance with the devil. When we look at an issue as “just this time”, “this legislation isn’t as bad as it could have been”, or “in this instance abortion is okay”, we become that lie which snowballs and soon we don’t recognize evil. We should be way past lying to ourselves by now, and until we are honest about our current situation there will be no turning back.

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