Republicans in the Arizona Legislature Support Data Mining Arizona Kids

There is no doubt students are experiencing more mental health issues than ever before. We, the adults, are the problem. We started our childrens’ demise when we turned them over to babysitters and after school programs instead of being there for them after the school day. (This is not an attack on single parents who have to bring in an income). Then when schools overreacted to Covid by isolating kids at home and scaring them with masks, students’ mental stability continued to decline. While they were home, we put kids on tablets, computers, and phones all the while knowing these could not replace human touch. Not only are these devices impersonal and full of propaganda, they are loaded with material that is inappropriate for most minors.

Now the suicide rate is up and Big Education can’t let an opportunity go to waste. Education vendors are smart and well-funded. They know the buzzwords and they know most parents are too busy to look deeply into issues, but care a whole lot about their children. Because of ESSR funds, school are loaded with Social Emotional Learning, Critical Race Theory, and sexxxxx. What to do? Well, according to too many in the Arizona Legislature the answer is to give students another opportunity to access their devices.

Before embattled Speaker Rusty Bowers left office, he asked that a committee be formed to address teen mental health. When a government “chooses” members for special committees, they usually choose them in a way to get a desired result. Currently, local governing boards do not have the authority to set up an app on substance abuse and suicide prevention. HB2635, currently making it’s way through the Arizona House, will change that.

Think about how at risk our children already are with a phone in their hands. Now look at the wording in HB2635.

The State Board of Education must require health education instruction? Remember most of the members of the State Board of Education are appointed by the governor. Think about those ramifications with the current occupant of The Ninth Floor. Who exactly are these “mental health experts and advocacy organizations”? Just about any organization can tie itself to mental health nowadays, and they do because that is how they get lots of funding. We can thank Obrewercare for that.

Let’s just focus on any app aimed at children. These app developers are smart and crafty. Their vendors are opportunists who know buzzwords like suicide, feelings, authentic, and acceptance. These apps listen to kids and pick up on certain words and emojis. Don’t deny it, we all have witnessed an advertisement popping up on our computers for a product or service we recently discussed with someone. When the app puts certain words together, the school can be notified there may be a “mental health issue” which gives the administration an opportunity to intervene. This could be just from an argument a parent and child had. Or it could be something serious. The problem is a computer program is tracing the kids and loading information about them without their knowledge. The information can then be synchronized with the child’s phone and computer. There are several apps already in use throughout the country; we have not been able to find out which app the bill’s sponsor wants to be made available.

Who is on the other line when a child calls a number for support? Who is tracking the children? These apps are set-ups for child sex trafficking, of which Arizona is a leader. There WILL be opportunities for “gender support” that will pop up for the student. Remember former Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman’s QChat? Who is on the other end of the line?

There is a health app already in use in Aurora, Colorado schools called “Hazel”. Here is some information about Hazel.

Wonderful, Silicon Valley is involved. Nothing to see here. And Arizona State, with ties to the World Economic Forum, China, the CIA, the McCain Institute, need we go on…….

Look who is involved with the ASU-Global Silicon Valley Summit, none other than Panorama, the data miners and SEL pushers with familial ties to Merrick Garland. Notice the “Whole Child”, which is the ultimate Communist goal, also known as parent replacement. Last year Republicans wanted to push Whole Child/Community Schools through the Arizona Legislature and they got pushback. The way in now is piecemeal, but it’s happening quickly and the avenue is “mental health.”

And there it is: Equity.

Not all apps will be just like Hazel, but this is the template. Don’t fall for gimmicks like this will just have a suicide hotline and nothing else. Apps still track and listen to kids so as to take their information for government use. This is a non-academic assault on youth.

CASEL is the mothership of Social Emotional Learning. Here is a screenshot from CASEL, we can see how the program envelopes every aspect of a child’s day in school. How does CASEL know so much about our students?

Republicans, it is up to you to kill HB2635 immediately. This bill is a wet dream for Democrats and pronoun pushers like Katie Hobbs. We have been researching the donors to the Republicans who support this bill. Due to time constraints that will have to be addressed in another post as HB2635 goes to Committee of the Whole today.

Vail School District in southern Arizona is already tracking students.

Please contact your legislators and tell them NO WAY on HB2635. Here are the contact numbers for the Arizona House and Senate.

Houzse: Member Roster (

Senate: Member Roster (

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