Republican Governors Brewer and Ducey Assure Arizonans Foot the Bill for Whole/Community Schools

Several weeks ago, we wrote a post about Arizona State’s fancy-sounding teaching program which in truth is the foundation for Communist Whole Child/Community Schools in Arizona. Arizona State didn’t come up with the program in a vacuum. As is the case with most of the financial goings-on in Arizona, the shadow government at ASU which runs the state had some help from some Republican governors and legislators.

Remember about ten years ago when Governor Jan Brewer had a huge dilemma whether to approve Medicaid expansion in Arizona? As a “Republican”, this should have been a slam-dunk Heck No. But alas, her profe$$ional consultant pal Chuck Coughlin pulled her strings and Obrewercare was born. One of the medical services covered under Medicaid is “mental health”. It is not an accident mental health is all the rage everywhere all the time, there is money to be made. This is just one piece of a complicated government and healthcare puzzle.

While Arizona was trying to get back to normal after school shutdowns, masks, and other Covid distractions, Governor Doug Ducey and his team were busy planning for Whole/Community Schools. We always hear it’s not what the government is telling us it is doing, but what it is doing while it has us distracted. Both our state and federal governments worked together to sell us down the road. A link to the Safer Communities Act is here. This Act is an opportunity to slam guns, regardless of the Second Amendment which elected officials who voted for this mess took an oath to uphold.

A document was sent to Jami Snyder of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) on October 25, 2021. It is from the US Department of Heath and Human Services and discusses Arizona’s proposal and amendment of the methods and standards for reimbursing Arizona School-Based Services Program.

School-based services? Whatever could that be? There was a time we would assume government medical assistance from a school would be benign. Maybe some first aid or medical supplies for low-income schools? As we learn more about Whole or Community Schools, we realize the government wants your child from first thing in the morning until after parents get home from work. This leads to a need for medical, dental, and of course “mental health” care during working hours, while Mom and Dad slave to pay taxes which pay for Community Schools and Medicaid disbursements. Not only do Whole Schools track the student all day, often using surveys, now students’ medical needs will be part of the federal government’s data base.

Once the Pandora’s Box of mental health is opened, anything is fair game. Notice all the non-profits which deal in mental health. Notice all the relationship gobbledygook discussed in schools now instead of academics. There is no pot at the end of the rainbow for schools to produce successful graduates. There is a huge pot of gold for Big Education and Big Pharma to produce students with mental and emotional problems. (Note the Big Pharma campaign donations to your state and federal Democrat AND Republican candidates).

Included in the communication to AHCCCS is a list of medical services which can be reimbursed when provided through a participating Local Education Agency (LEA).

Which of the highlighted services would transitioning students be included in? What about birth control? Abortion referral? Overanxious social workers and therapists have access to your children and a network of medical “professionals” to which they can refer your child without you knowing or directly paying for it. Of course the financial data must be collected. What other data is collected by the United States and the Arizona Department of Education and what is done with that information?

On August 18, 2022 additional documents were provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Below are a few screenshots which are red flags.

Look at the screenshot below and the reference to Whole Child. And the government is encouraging signing students up for school-based medical services when they are registering for school.

If the government and school adminstrations use the term “School-based health centers” enough it will become the norm. The electorate will get used to the idea without realizing the consequences. The media will attack any Republican who opposes school-based healthcare saying it’s for the children and Republicans want kids to die. Democrats will pretend they care about children as they support school-based clinics while simultaneously tweeting support for Planned Parenthood.

In Los Angeles Unified School District, Planned Parenthood is opening clinics. These women and baby butchers could be considered for a “school-based health center”. This interview says it all.

Telehealth. That’s another new buzzword, and one that Planned Parenthood likes to use so they can ship those abortion pills to scared women. Who cares if a woman passes blood, clots, and a baby by herself with no emotional support or medical follow-up?

Oh, look, here is a website which helps school districts with Medicaid reimbursements!

Everything is all set up, it’s time to move in and turn those public schools into mental health centers which will partner with Planned Parenthood for abortions and transgender “care” and refer kids to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for transgender surgeries. This set-up during Governor Ducey’s tenure shouldn’t surprise us. His Arizona Department of Health kept Arizonans masked and separated from each other, withheld inexpensive Covid treatments from citizens, and pushed an experimental shot at every opportunity. Keep your ears open, we will be hearing more about these school-based health centers. Go to your school board meetings, ask questions, and ask your legislators what they are doing about this invasion into childrens’ lives.

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