Remember Friday When Arizona Republicans Thought Their Kids Would be Learning the 3 Rs at School?

Just yesterday, the Republicans in the Arizona Legislature patted themselves and Governor Doug Ducey on the back with much fervor because they earned a winning ploy from which to campaign on in the 2022 election. The GOPers led Arizonans and the media to believe there will be no Critical Race Theory, Equity, or any of that stuff they really don’t know anything about in Arizona’s public schools ever again. (Now send them each a donation for their reelection campaign.)

Since the Spring of 2020 when Americans were banished to their homes by power-hungry mayors and governors, those in support of the Black Lives Matter movement have taken to the streets, and now the schools, not to support those of African decent but to break down the foundations of the United States. This statement is from the Black Lives Matter website:

A year ago, we covered the tight relationship between the Black Lives Matter organization and the demonic Democrat Party which BLM is funding through its donations. One does not even have to go down the road of race to see BLM represents all things sexual–scientific or not, safe or not. Theirs is not a good message for children.

Chandler Unified Governing Board member Lindsay Love said it best. Parents are very clear what they want and Ms. Love’s reaction to the parents’ message solidifies the fact that many school boards are going against their community’s wishes.

Is this why school districts in Arizona are sneaking students to Prescott under the guise of leadership camp, only to push the LGBTQAlphabet and Equity agenda on them when they arrive? Time away from the classroom and in Prescott has been going on in Phoenix Union High School District (PUHSD) for quite some time under the guise of Diversity Camp, which is held at Prescott College. Now there are reports of Peoria Unified School District joining in the fun in the pines. And guess what, taxpayers get to foot the bill for the substitutes to cover for the teachers who chaperone. Here is Carl Hayden High School’s Flyer to lure teachers to leave their classrooms and come up to the high country for who knows what.

(The flyer says the staff will stay in a cabin with those of the same gender. What if a staff member doesn’t know their gender or their gender is fluid? Can they change cabins?)

How much does it cost Phoenix Union taxpayers to pay the substitutes who are covering classes for the teachers who attend Diversity Camp?

Prescott, Arizona was the territory’s capitol twice in the 1800’s. It is now the Capitol of BLM/Equity/Inclusion. Prescott College is feeding the equity and inclusion frenzy while they may or may not be preparing their students to successfully hold a job post-college. Here is the Linkedin bio of Megan Bloomer, one of Prescott College’s board of trustees.

But wait, there is more. One of Prescott College’s faculty members has become pretty famous in the last year after all those BLM donations and super-spreader events. Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, is on the faculty. Here is a a clip about Ms. Cullors and her ties with Prescott College. And here is Ms. Cullors telling us a little about herself in her own words. Speaking of which, after raking in the big bucks in the BLM scam, Cullors suddenly resigned her position at the BLM Foundation when her purchase of at least one home valued at over a million dollars was revealed.

It’s time Phoenix Union and Peoria School Districts are up front with their parents about what is really happening at Diversity Camps at Prescott College. The invitation luring Trevor Browne’s students to the camp is kind of vague.

Is “Starting a Revolution” what parents have in mind when they send their minor children up north? These camps are meant to divide and create problems so as to further empower those in government to find a solution and make a few opportunistic individuals rich at the same time. Make sure to create a crisis and never let it go to waste, right Patrisse Cullors?

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