RedforEd’s Rebecca Garelli and NEA Coordinate Local Strike in Arizona

Most teachers and school adminstrators look forward to the two weeks off at Christmas time for a break from work and the current challenges on the job, that is, unless an “educator” works for a union and Washington, DC’s latest schemes.

Our last post offered a quick introduction to RedforEd’s Rebecca Garelli, the teacher who made more money in her profession in Chicago, but moved to Arizona to complain about the low wages in her new state. We are told she chose to accept a job 1,700 miles away to make about $35,000 less/year as an Arizona teacher. Who promised Garelli what? Well, she really didn’t come to Arizona to take up desert gardening. #UnionBecky, as she is affectionately described on social media, was brought to Arizona to change the political landscape under the guise of more money for teachers.

Garelli isn’t perfectly honest in her twitter profile. Take a look at the position the newcomer to Arizona was awarded; a position working for Kathy Hoffman, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, shortly after Hoffman won in November of 2018. We have also included Garelli’s salary as a teacher in Illinois for comparison.

A couple questions: Does Rebecca Garelli still teach or just work for Kathy Hoffman? Is she financially rewarded from the teachers unions, local or national, for her efforts?

After most teachers went on an illegal strike in the Spring of 2018, the Republican majority Arizona Legislature and “Republican-In-Name-Only” Governor Doug Ducey caved to RedforEd’s demands and gave the school districts more money. There was no guarantee how much money would actually get into teachers’ wallets. To make matters worse, the local media rarely gave those Republicans credit during election season later that year. The media sided with all the Democrat state and legislative candidates blaming Republicans for the lack of funding for Arizona schools. In this article from Breitbart, the birth of RedforEd in Arizona is described, with Rebecca Garelli featured.

Rebecca Garelli (with Joe Thomas, President of Arizona Education Association) striking in Phoenix in 2018
instead of teaching per her contract.

All along, funding for local schools has never been RedforEd’s real focus, instead the movement was created to affect elections so Democrats would win so as to legislate perverted sexual, pro-abortion, anti-police, and basically anti-anything traditionally American indoctrination.

Ms. Garelli has a history of trying to control the narrative, kind of like what Big Tech does today. Here is a link about her behavior as a leading Democrat Socialist, you know, the group with the Communist fist.

Just for fun, we went on the Democrat Socialist website and clicked on the Religious Socialism link.

Below is one of the images found when scrolling through the Religious Socialism page. Keep this in mind when you find out your children are being influenced in a government school by Democratic Socialists.

We will leave the Democrats and Socialists to fight amongst themselves, but the article about Garelli is pertinent to the message control we are seeing by #UnionBecky these last few days. In her efforts to organize ANOTHER strike, she has initiated a petition that once signed, will be sent to various government officials demanding students stay home for two weeks to start the new year. Our post on December 30, 2021 explained who is controlling the message and the mind control, and why more time in front of a computer plays into the strategy of billionaires.

Never let a virus go to waste, there are ample benefits to the union, RedforEd, and Democrat politicians to pounce on the crisis created by the media and Big Pharma.

That blue-clad guy in the meme is remeniscent of the government takeover at little Elliot’s house on E.T. Imagine being a child; this is not an inviting atmosphere for a school. See below, mental health workers to the rescue to save the kids when Teachers Unions and RedforEd emotionally screw them up.

This is a continuous cycle of government intervening to to save the children from the government.

Several days ago, Garelli and her pals held a meeting about the petition. Unfortunately, some of the comments submitted on the signed petitions did not fit her or the Union’s narrative. The group moved to Plan B and decided to survey only their own members to assure the results they want. Meanwhile, Garelli is acting like she is working on her own, like this is a grassroots education group when that is not close to the truth. Kathy Hoffman, who is off on maternity leave, has left the Arizona Department of Education communications director, Richie Taylor, to handle much of the workload. Taylor is coordinating with Garelli, so it won’t be a huge surprise when Hoffman’s office receives the petition demanding schools be paused teachers go on strike for two weeks. Of course, Hoffman calls into Garelli’s secret petition meetings via zoom.

In a mad scramble for damage control last night, more marching orders were concocted. Many school campuses have a certified union unit chair. Each of these chairs was to contact paying union members and instruct them how to fill out the petition with appropriate comments. If this plan produced 500 signatures supporting the strike, Garelli and team felt that would catch the attention of the White House. Maybe they could just call up Phoenix Union’s Chad Gestson for a referral, as he and the White House seem to have each other’s phone numbers.

Coordinating with #UnionBecky and the Arizona Education Association (AEA) is, are you sitting down, Surprise! A post about masking children (make sure they use the word “children”) in schools this new year will be coming at any time if it hasn’t already. Whoever is tasked with writing the instructions for the child masking post may be risking his or her position at azcentral. If the collusion between the AEA and the publication is exposed, that writer may be sent off to another location much like blue-checkmark Lily Altavena was.

This petition push is also convenient now that 2022 has arrived. What better time to not only sign up new RedforEd and Union members, but to update the existing data base.

RedforEd had a fantastic data base from the six-day strike in 2018 and they used it effectively to motivate teachers and sympathizers to vote for pro-abortion candidates just six months later. Hoffman could use the boost, especially since internally the group feels a bit demoralized as numbers are down and parents are more aware of what is really going on in schools. Perhaps some talking points sent by AEA members to ABC15 for a story on Tuesday, January 4th might help. Or has that already been taken care of after one the secret zoom meetings?

Parents in Mesa Public Schools, be aware your child’s teacher may go on strike the week of January 3, 2022. Rebecca Garelli is rounding up “Educators-In-Name-Only” to make this two-week strike go national.

If the teachers decide to strike and extend their Christmas vacation, perhaps Ms. Garelli and her clan could take an hour of their free time and listen to this doctor, a doctor who actually treats Covid patients and does not sit behind a desk at the compromised CDC or NIH spouting political talking points. They may learn there is early, successful treatment for Covid, few risk factors for children, and how to move on in life embracing facts over fear.

Dr. Mollie James #308 – Coffee and a Mike


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