Red for Ed and the Media–>Political Power

For years we have listened to exasperation that the media is one-sided and nothing can be done about it. There are options, the easiest is don’t turn on the local news, ever. National shows aren’t much better, and that includes Fox News during most time slots.

It’s important to realize the Mainstream Media, also known as MSM or Fake News is never going to deliver just the news without a liberal bent because they are now the activist arm of the Democrat Party. They just won’t tell you, it will ruin their game. In Arizona, we see that play out on a daily basis as Arizona State’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism cranks out young, enthusiastic journalism graduates anxious to climb the ranks at a news outlet. Most have already been groomed so they don’t even realize what they have signed up for. Last year one student went out on a limb and didn’t carry the pre-determined media narrative and Arizona State President Michael Crow did not take kindly to it. Ms. Klein sued ASU’s radio station and later both sides came to an agreement.

On a bigger stage, each of Phoenix’s local network affiliates and the local newspaper continually disparage every Republican who holds a seat in the Arizona Legislature and any who decide to run for office in any capacity. Their stories are pre-written for the most part, and they pounce at any opportunity to paint the Right as closed-minded, education haters, gun-toting racist bigots. When these reporters complain about education funding they never admit to their audience that in 2018 during the Red for Ed (R4E) teacher walkout and pity party, it was Republican Governor Doug Ducey and the Republican Legislature who voted for the Red for Ed raises. Once the tactics of the Red for Ed leadership were exposed, the Republicans tried to get the message across that Red for Ed was simply an activist organization to fill political offices with Democrats, and not your JFK Democrats. Never do these R4E candidates ask what they can do for their country, it’s quite the opposite.

Just this week, local ABC employee Steve Irvin thought he could fool his viewers by complaining that some of the parents who have been attending various school board meetings throughout the valley to hold the school boards accountable didn’t even have children in the specific district. Stop the presses!

Steve Irvin conveniently forgot that in 2020 Planned Parenthood Arizona, located in central Phoenix, sent a contingent of supporters to Chandler High School District to disrupt a school board meeting and support their own school board member.

Not only did Planned Parenthood fill the seats, so did CAIR Arizona which is located in Mesa.

Another group who made their presence known at that Chandler Governing Board meeting was Lucha Arizona. They have an address in Phoenix, not far from Planned Parenthood. ABC15 was at that school board meeting. Will we see some tweets from Irvin about these activists next time they are charged to disrupt?

This is the same Steve Irvin who hangs around with Red for Ed teachers. Here’s a photo of Irvin with one of his teacher buds.

There’s just one problem with this teacher. He was recently arrested for sexual molestation.

The Arizona Legislature is in the middle of budget negotiations. In order for the Arizona Educators Association (AEA) and Red for Ed to continue misinforming the public about education funding, the leaders have to have the media on their side. Drama always helps the cause. The upcoming plan by AEA and the Red for Ed groups will either be a tragedy or a comedy. They, along with SOS Arizona, will be camping out on the Arizona Capitol Lawn. While this calendar shows it reserved until sundown, some are saying the campout may go all night.

We are sure the local media has already been informed, or did the media helped organize the campout? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? TBS’s “Full Frontal” just happens to be in on the party planning. (Is this a super-spreader event and does St. Fauci have yet to give approval?)

Maybe next time Steve Irvin ABC15 decides to complain about parents attending, not disrupting, a local school board meeting not for money or power, but for the children, he might report about Rebecca Garelli, who happens to be writing for the liberal Arizona Mirror. She was dropped into Arizona from Chicago to “disrupt”.

The Arizona Mirror–did Arizona needed another left-leaning media outlet?

The bottom line is any time spent watching the news, especially the local, empty coverage in Arizona is time that would be better spent doing anything else.

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