Property Taxes Support Cool Alphabet T-Shirts

Just when you thought June was over three months ago, it somehow resurfaced in Phoenix. No, don’t check your calendar–the days are getting shorter and it has cooled off slightly from those difficult summer temperatures we have to endure. You thought you could bring your kids out in public again without the LGBTQAlphabet sex parades and mutilation shoved in their innocent faces, but alas:

Where did these shirts come from? This time it’s not Disneyland. This time it’s from arguably the most corrupt public school district in Arizona, Phoenix Union High School District. And guess what, YOU get to support child sexualization with YOUR tax money. Phoenix property owners, check the back of your most recent statement from the Maricopa County Assessor and see how much you are paying towards your school districts. Lucky for us, the t-shirts for sale by the Betty Fairfax High School Gay-Straight Alliance Club (GSA) are quite a deal.

Not only that, Mr. He/Him/His Ussery is using taxpayer time and resources to sexually condition minors. Do their parents know? Not long ago in nearby Scottsdale Schools, a GSA Club counselor was caught luring minors into her club while not being completely up front with parents. AZ Free News reported in detail about the goings-on in Scottsdale’s Cocopah Middle School.

Here is more GSA fun, this time at Trevor Browne.

In AZ Free’s post there is a video by the GSA Club teacher. She references attending a GLSEN Summit at the 48 second mark. Let’s take a look at a couple screenshots straight from the bossy Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network.

There are two missing pieces to GLSEN’s lists of demands. The first is where are the parents? Not once are parents of the children referenced. Second, what about local laws? Arizona, for example, has statutes regarding sex ed and the most important is sex ed is opt in and not opt out. Yes, promoting LGBTQAlphabet in a school building is sex ed. Parents are clamoring for bills like SB1211 which was introduced last session. This link from Arizona Daily Independent describes the recurring theme of these sorts of bills. The Democrats and teachers unions always opposed them. Yet neither want to be referred to as sexual groomers. Meanwhile in states like Arizona and Ohio, while their legislatures and governors claim to be Republican, most are prone to compromise with those who dream about kid sex and thus we have put our children in these precarious situations.

On Thursday, some Chandler Unified students walked out because trans kids feel they don’t have enough rights. If they are being taught the Constitution, they would understand they have the same rights as everyone else. In fact, based on the number of special months they get–now two months each year instead of one, they seem to be doing pretty well. We can assume that June does not give the sex trade its best return on investment with so many children on summer vacation that month. (Thank goodness Disneyland is available in June to pick up the pieces). So here we are in a second Alphabet month, this time in October. It is adults who put these ideas in the students’ minds. Where were the parents during the walkout? Were they notified? Was Chandler School District responsible if something had happened to one of the students during the walkout?

On that note, let’s go back to Phoenix Union High School District. This is the same district which regularly hosts on-campus fights that they try to hide from the parents, public, and media. The Superintendent has not taken control of the situation but please buy a GSA t-shirt so our kids feel better. In fact, teachers and staff are so muzzled they are afraid to talk about how unsafe they feel under Superintendent Chad Gestson’s thumb. If staff can’t speak up about fights, does anyone think staff has a voice to challenge the sexual grooming at school? Most teachers are not perverts, most want to teach their subjects, but they are handcuffed. Do they dare stand up to their twisted Superintendent and worse than that, the local union? Many Americans have seen these badges developed by the National Education Association, the national teachers union.

Students did not produce these badges. Students don’t have the money or network to develop these badges. Students don’t have a website to advertise these badges. Students (should) have homework, part-time jobs, sports, music lessons, church, and family time. Students don’t go to school to be activists for the NEA, Superintendent Chad Gestson, or the Arizona Education Association.

How are teachers supposed to teach if the students are running the schools? Or is it the GSA advisors who are running schools for the unions?

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