Prominent Arizona Republican Strategist is Donating to Planned Parenthood Candidates

The Democrats have to be commended for staying together. Maybe it’s because the Washington, DC media feeds them the narrative so they don’t have to think on their own. Regardless, they are united and have each other’s backs in the worst situations.

Then there is the Arizona GOP. Yes, here we go again. The local consultant class is a unique breed. They make money overthinking very basic concepts. At the same time they blame grassroots Republicans for losses while some of these same consultants do not even support basic Republican principals.

For example, Chuck Coughlin was one of Governor Jan Brewer’s (R) trusted advisors. Some say her biggest decisions were heavily guided by Coughlin. Arizonans may remember Obrewercare for example. In his spare time, Mr. Coughlin also was Senator John McCain’s campaign finance manager and Governor Fife Symington’s campaign manager. All in all, he has had a very long, successful career in Republican politics.

It is any coincidence that as Chuck Coughlin’s career continues, Arizona has become at the minimum, purple, and perhaps blue two weeks from now? Maybe it is time for the grassroots to have a place in the Party instead of the GOP Elite.

Here is why: Chuck Coughlin runs HighGround, a successful campaign consulting company in Phoenix.

Based on Coughlin’s political career, he appears to be a Republican. And, based on most of his campaign contributions, he is. However, there are a few very questionable donations, especially for someone who is pressing the flesh as a member of the GOP.

Representative Daniel Hernandez is one of the most liberal, far left politicians to grace the halls of the Arizona Legislature. He started his power trip on Sunnyside School Board and now is a state representative. Representative Hernandez chairs the LGBTQ caucus and is one of the legislators who pushes Planned Parenthood and GLSEN access to schoolchildren. Look who sent Mr. Hernandez a nice chunk of change to keep his seat in November.

Look who also augmented Daniel Hernandez’s pocketbook a few weeks before Planned Parenthood did:

Was that a mistake? It doesn’t look that way. There is more. Robert Meza is also a Democrat legislator. Here is his web page, it doesn’t appear to be very “Republican.” Coughlin also donated to Meza:

But wait, there is more! Look at this list of recipients J. Charles Coughlin thinks should be in the Arizona Legislature:

The highlighted yellow names are three very liberal Arizona legislators. Alma for Arizona is Daniel’s sister, Alma Hernandez. She also loves abortion (she use to work for the Planned Parenthood abortion mill) and thinks it’s okay for boys to play on girls sports teams and visit girls locker rooms.

Last we heard abortion hadn’t made the official GOP platform. What is Coughlin’s reason for sending this candidate money?

And then we are back to Red for Ed’s favorite legislative district, LD18. Sean Bowie is the current state senator. He tries to appear to work across the aisle, but deep down he is a Democrat and in these times a Democrat means no support for the Second Amendment or police, but full support for Planned Parenthood, riots, and organizations like Red for Ed and Save our Schools Arizona. Remember Save our Schools? Was Chuck Coughlin involved in the organization during the Arizona Department of Education ESA breach earlier this year?

Don’t forget the Arizona Department of Education ties to SOS Arizona.

At the bottom of the list of Chuck Coughlin’s donations are the infamous Senators Heather Carter and Kate Brophy-McGee. Both are registered Republicans, but often vote with liberals at the Capitol. Carter’s constituents finally had enough and sent her packing in the primary. Maybe a true grassroots Republican will surface someday to oppose Brophy-McGee in her primary. They do exist. In fact, if Coughlin had any interest in returning LD18 to Republican principles he could have sent some money to Bowie’s opponent, Republican Suzanne Sharer. Or is Ms. Sharer too grassroots and doesn’t attend the same Elite cocktail parties as Coughlin?

It’s time the GOP consultant class stops blaming the true conservatives in the Party for losses. If they don’t like what the GOP stands for, there’s an anti-God, anti-family Democrat Party waiting for more members.

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