PRAXIS: How the Classroom Morphs Your Little Darling Into an Activist

There was a time when Phoenix Union High School District was the district to avoid because social justice, safe spaces, gender ideology, and Planned Parenthood take precedent over academics. The district even provides the opportunity for special students and teachers to go to Prescott for Diversity Camp so everyone can come home with rainbow stickers and feel special, so we are told.

Recently Peoria Unified School District west of Phoenix has joined the diversity fun. Some of Peoria’s students recently enjoyed a swell time at Diversity Camp earlier this summer, so swell some parents have voiced concern since the students returned home. This screenshot is from an Identity Circle activity which took place at camp. Notice it can be edited so leaders can add their own identity criteria.

What is happening up in Prescott? Phoenix Union is sending its students to Prescott College. Prescott College prides itself with its Praxis Program.

The fists look like Communism. How could that be? Are school districts recommending students attend a Communist camp? Do the parents know? Have the parents heard of Praxis?

Here is a short video explaining what Praxis is. Remember this student from a previous post who is planning to start a revolution? As a reminder, Patrisse Cullors, founder of the Black Lives Matter get-rich-quick scheme, has been on staff at Prescott College. She is also involved with Praxis.

Look what else Ms. Cullors has to say in between counting her cash.

Ms. Cullors is a Marxist? Who else just gave us a heads up on Race Theory, Marxists, and Praxis?

Whatever is going on at Prescott’s Diversity Camps, we have to give Peoria Schools a silver medal for their efforts chasing long-term diversity winner Phoenix Union. That’s giving it the old college try.

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