Planned Parenthood’s Lack of Ethics On Full Display in Phoenix Courtroom

On Friday, August 16, 2019, Planned Parenthood of Arizona (PPAZ) was ordered to pay a former clinic director $3 million dollars for damages due to her unlawful firing, or as Planned Parenthood likes to say– “termination”.

For nine days, a panel of jurors in Maricopa Superior Court heard testimony about the circumstances which led to then employee-of-the-year Mayra Rodriguez’s sudden firing. She claimed she was set up because more than once she had expressed concerns about medical incidents with Dr. William Richardson, one of Planned Parenthood Arizona’s most productive abortion “doctors.” These incidents included a high rate of perforated uteruses, insertion of an IUD the same day as a patient’s abortion, falsifying records, and a situation of sex with a minor by a 19-year old that was not reported as required by Arizona law, among other concerns.

One of the many Planned Parenthood employees to take the stand was Bryan Howard, PPAZ’s President. He meticulously explained his duties as fundraiser-in-chief, donor outreach, and PPAZ spokesman, but was less able to give any details about the day-to-day workings of the dwindling number of clinics on his watch.

While on the stand, Mr. Howard took the opportunity to purjure himself, and this at the expense of Arizona’s children. PPAZ’s attorneys asked Mr. Howard to list his responsibilities and one item at the top of Howard’s to-do list was sex education in schools. From the witness stand, he told the jury Planned Parenthood of Arizona focuses mainly on educating 15-18 year olds. It’s a surprise there were not gasps from the gallery.

As our readers and the many families now fighting radical sex ed in Arizona know, Planned Parenthood wants to get the children while they are young. If PPAZ is mainly focusing on high schoolers as Mr. Howard stated, why are they so heavily involved in Creighton Elementary District, which is kindergarten through 8th grade? Why is there a big push in Tucson to change their long-standing curriculum? Although the message changes with every meeting in Tucson, there is no doubt students as young as fourth through sixth grade have been targeted. Cave Creek, Arizona School District (including elementary and middle schools) listed Planned Parenthood as a partner until the community found out.

To all Arizona school district administrators, why are you associating with Planned Parenthood? Don’t tell us you’re not, we have plenty of evidence you are and if we don’t we will obtain it via public records requests. Why the deceit? It was proven in an Arizona courtroom last week that Planned Parenthood protected at least one dangerous doctor over its patients, and some of those patients were children who were lured there by their schools’ sex ed programs.

PPAZ President Bryan Howard wasn’t done. He went on to tell the jury Planned Parenthood’s educators train parents. He looked right at the jury and told them that Planned Parenthood wants parents to be a part of learning and young people trust parents most. Doesn’t that sound nice? If that is the philosophy, Planned Parenthood would leave the sexual education of children to their parents. They would not have to sneak around under various names like Advocates for Youth, Draw the Line/Respect the Line, UNESCO and other UN agencies, ETR and Associates, etc. Public opinion has plummeted in recent years due to selling baby body parts, supporting abortions through nine months, and endorsing only abortion-loving political candidates. Therefore, Planned Parenthood must masquerade and do their tricks under other names and organizations.

For more information on how Planned Parenthood sneaks around parents, pay attention to former sex ed “educator” Monica Cline. She was part of the sex ed cabal before breaking free from its tentacles. Now she educates the rest of us on how it’s done behind the scenes. After that you can decide if you believe the guy in the courtroom making well over $200,000/year who runs reckless abortion clinics or the woman who bravely gave up her career when she realized how she was affecting young kids.

School districts, do you want to take the stand in front of a jury some day and explain why you made short-sighted decisions which physically and emotionally damaged the children in your care? Will you be honest as required in court or will you lie under oath like Planned Parenthood’s Bryan Howard?

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