Planned Parenthood in Elementary Schools Leads to Even Worse in High Schools

We have chronicled the red carpet Creighton Schools (Phoenix) has rolled out for Planned Parenthood in recent years.  Creighton School District teaches children from age four through 8th grade.  After that, those children feed into the Phoenix Union High Schools.

How convenient.  Every spring, Planned Parenthood of Arizona has a fundraiser.  What better way to welcome Spring, the season of new life and hope, than with a lunch date with an organization that is focused on negativity and death.  And there are red flags galore when a school district is honored by this Planned Parenthood organization.

pp pusdWhen Tucson Unified Schools began debating their Comprehensive Sex Ed curriculum and LGBTQXYZ policies earlier this year, they contacted Phoenix Union for advice on the matter.  Basically, Tucson knew Phoenix Union was ignoring state law and they wanted Phoenix’s input on how to do it.  Why not?  Nobody is enforcing the laws the Arizona legislature is passing to protect children and families, so they may as well ignore statutes.

A quick search of Phoenix Union’s website shows these results:

search of phx union websiteWow, doesn’t Arizona state law provide guidelines for the teaching of abortion in relation to pro-life and adoption?  Here are the links that appeared when the search above was clicked:

phx union pp reference

Look at the following assignment.  Sex ed is opt-in per Arizona state law.  Were parents notified?  Were permission slips signed?  Were students taught which of the options below are abortions?  If so, did Phoenix Union counter with a pro-life, pro adoption message?

phx union bc assignment

Notice the links suggested for the assignment.  We know about Planned Parenthood. is no better.   Students can get all kinds of sexual information from this website (using those tablets the perpetual school district overrides raise taxes for).  Under the pregnancy section, abortion is an option that is weighted equally with parenting and adoption, which is against Arizona law.  Also, the website advises a pregnant girl to talk to a counselor, why not a parent and pregnancy center?

The last link, is basically a sex free-for-all.  Here are their partners in crime on their abortion page:

arhp partners

Someone has some explaining to do at Phoenix Union High School.  Wait, maybe they don’t.  Pro-family Arizona state laws are not enforced.

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