Planned Parenthood and the Arts: Is this Combo in Your City?

Recently we were contacted by a reader in Olympia, Washington about the state of her city and the endless obscene paintings and “artwork” on display for all to see in the public square.  Basically anybody who frequents particular areas of Washington’s capitol are subjected to the material, including children.  Ironically, universities now have “safe spaces” for college students who don’t want to hear the words “President Trump”, but young children can be subjected to obscenity and porn while walking to school and nobody is supposed to bat an eye.

How did this happen?  Where are traditional standards?  It appears some cities have moved out of their lanes, again.  Many have a budget for an art director to manage city projects.  Much of the money for these projects is from government grants, you know “free money.”  The City of Phoenix budget specifies some of the grants are to be used for “art districts” and youth projects.  Here are some screenshots from Phoenix’s proposed budget:

As usual, the wording is vague so we aren’t exactly sure what this art budget permitted to purchase.  We were able to find similar information from the Arizona Department of Education’s website:

Arts Education……Here is the link to the City of Phoenix website which directs children to apply for art grants.  Click here and your precious children will be led to the Youth Arts and Culture Council.  At that point, they can click the 2018 Young Artist’s Summit:

They will then be given a list of Art Shows in which to participate.  Here is one in particular:

Below is the description of the Council’s Core Values:

It’s upsetting the Arizona Department of Education is promoting this garbage.  On the other hand, the agency’s website encouraged citizens to attend one of the 15 meeting regarding Phoenix’s budget and let your voice be heard.  That is exactly what should be happening.  Where are the parents?  They are unaware of this sick art/youth partnership.  It took a reader in Olympia to enlighten us.  Here is why that reader was in the loop about the city and its art, look at what is happening in her town as a result:

Here are some pictures from the front window of an Olympia bookstore:

The local bookstore can sell whatever materials they would like; it’s a private business.  Why is this material acceptable to the culture?  Because there is nothing “normal” anymore.  Sex is in everybody’s faces everywhere all the time, including school and what should be an after school art hobby.  Sex is normalized for kids, and now so is hemp.  Don’t forget during the #RedForEd illegal teacher strike, a legalize marijuana table was set up at the Capitol Lawn in Phoenix, Arizona.  No big deal, there were kids around but who cares?

Planned Parenthood, the guardians of our sexualized children, couldn’t let this art opportunity go to waste.  Anytime there is an opportunity to mess with children, here they come!  On Friday May 4, 2018 in Phoenix, Planned Parenthood hosted an art and sexual education show.  The city had already been hosting “First Friday Art Walks.”  Now Planned Parenthood is joining the fun.

Note that Ms. Deja Foxx was one of the Planned Parenthood pushers in Tucson Schools a few years ago.  She also was one of those who interrupted Senator Jeff Flake’s town hall in 2017 over one issue–she wants Americans to pay for her birth control.

Sadly Ms. Foxx is a product of this twisted culture where it’s not even safe to walk your child in your town or take your family to a city-sponsored art walk.  Planned Parenthood’s entry into city artscapes is the real pollution our society needs to clean up.





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