Planned Parenthood and GLSEN: Drop the “Medically Accurate” Buzzwords Because You’re Not

Every time Planned Parenthood goes door to door peddling their corrupt and perverted sex education curriculums they preface their sales pitch with the words “medically accurate.”  That sounds great for news clips and media talking heads who are either too lazy to research their statement or are directed by their higher ups not to confront the abortion giant.

While there are many battles to fight in Arizona, there are enough common sense legislators to push back on Planned Parenthood’s radical legislative requests, which is even more important since PP has aligned itself with GLSEN who thinks they have a right to have access to anybody’s kids.

But Arizonans cannot sit back because another election season is upon us and a new legislative session is being prepared for as we speak.  It’s likely some of the destructive legislation will reappear next year, especially if anti-family  representatives are elected.

Arizona State Senator Martin Quezada of Phoenix attempted to include homosexuality education in Arizona sex ed curriculums; currently homosexuality is not to be taught in Arizona public and charter schools as a preferred lifestyle.  (What does any of this have to do with preparing a student for college, trade school, or the work force?)  Of course, Arizona Planned Parenthood’s CEO Bryan Howard added his predicted two cents:


You’ve got some explaining to do Mr. Howard.  First of all, all school districts already have policies forbidding harassment and bullying against anyone.  There is no need for another piece of legislation to enforce regulations which are already on the books.  This bill provides sympathetic sound bites for the complicit media to repeat, while increasing the size of government.

It also needs to be explained how, for example, Planned Parenthood’s liaison with GLSEN provides for “medically accurate” sexual information.  Has Bryan Howard read this warning from the American College of Pediatrics listing how the recent gender ideology craze harms children?

Recently, GLSEN had an awards ceremony.  Here is one of their tweets (don’t forget to note the sponsors!):

GLSEN isn’t just about promoting tolerance of gays and lesbians.  That’s old news and has pretty much been accomplished.  They need to create other controversial groups to advocate for so they can remain relevant and continue to gain donations and power.  See Jeffery Marsh’s recent tweet (Jeffrey Marsh is the man pictured in the tweet above.) Do the students need to go to English class just so they know what he’s talking about?

Planned Parenthood of Arizona is also supporting letting anyone use any bathroom at any time, which also means any locker room at any time for those of you with kids in sports or P.E. classes.

Mr. Howard, we’ll be waiting for your update to Planned Parenthood’s Comprehensive Sex Ed curriculum so it is really medically accurate.  After all, it would be wrong to promote any curriculum that harms children.  Oh, wait……we are talking about Planned Parenthood…..


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