Planned Parenthood Aids Jill Humpherys Re-Election to Gilbert School Board

Politicians find out who their friends really are when they run for office.  Such was the case with Jill Humpherys, incumbent Gilbert School Board member, when she ran for re-election in November 2014.

Gilbert School Board had a 3-2 conservative majority heading into that election.  This is not a surprise, the bedroom community east of Phoenix was settled by Mormons, and many families continue to seek homes in Gilbert due to the community’s strong family values.

Enter campaign donations.  Ms. Humpherys was awarded large sums of money late in her campaign to hold her seat.  Planned Parenthood threw her $20,000–quite a lot of money for a school board race.  Check out Revive Arizona Now who sent out a mailer supporting Ms. Humpherys.  It seems this PAC exists solely to throw local elections one way or another.

Where does Revive Arizona Now get its money?  Surprise, the National Education Association contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars to this “organization.”  You know, the teachers union–the well-organized, well-funded group who exists “for the teachers” so they determine what is best “for the children.”

Joseph Losada is the contact for Revive Arizona Now.  Why does he care about a Gilbert School Board election?  Well, Mr. Losada is the chairman for Valle del Sol, a non-profit in Arizona.  Here is an interesting tweet from a recent Valle del Sol event:

There is a reason Gilbert Schools were being watched by Planned Parenthood.  Earlier in the year it was brought to the district’s attention that some of their Biology textbooks were not in compliance with SB1009.

Alliance Defending Freedom got involved due to legal reasons, while the Board’s decision as to how to handle the non-compliant textbooks drew national attention.  While Planned Parenthood likes to remind everyone abortion is within the law so there, they don’t like to be reminded to follow laws they don’t agree with.

Senator Nancy Barto wrote SB1009.  Here is her statement following the Gilbert textbook controversy.  Whether you agree or disagree with how Gilbert handled their non-compliant textbooks, take a look at the list of books in question.  If you live in Arizona, are your districts using any of the non-compliant books:


  1.  Biology Concepts & Connections 5th Edition by Campbell, Reece, Taylor, Simon – Abortion is mentioned
  2.  Biology A.P. Edition by Reece, Urry, Cain, Wasserman, Minorsky & Jackson (copyright 2011) – Abortion is mentioned
  3.  Biology A.P. Edition 7th Edition by Campbell & Reece (copyright 2005) – Abortion is mentioned
  4. Biology Prentice Hall by Miller & Levine  –  No mention of abortion
  5. Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology by Marieb – Abortion is mentioned 
  6. Campbell’s Biology Concepts & Connections 7th Edition by Reece, Taylor, Simon & Dickey – Abortion is mentioned
  7. Biology Cycles of Life by AGS Publishing (copyright 2006)  –  No mention of abortion

Joseph Losada is a player to watch in 2016.  We will be following who he supports and opposes, Revive Arizona Now, and the Arizona Accountability Project who he is also associated with.   The bottom line, do not just listen to the candidates.  Look at who is donating to them.  Find out who they bring on as staff.  Look at which political action committees are funding them or fighting them.

Ignore the flowery PAC names, they all smell the same after awhile.

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