Phoenix Union–>Guns, Fights, and Trans are Running the Circus

The new administration at the Arizona Department of Education is getting pushback from the Alphabet Agenda Mafia for wanting to secure Arizona school campuses. There is nothing wrong with the Superintendent of Public Instruction making campus safety a priority; it is impossible to learn in the current environments in some districts. It’s pretty clear the vast amount of social workers and inclusivity training just isn’t cutting it, especially at Phoenix Union campuses.

Betty Fairfax High School has been busy lately. Yesterday in our post about Phoenix Union High School (PXU) campuses we screenshotted an email sent on Friday, April 7th, about a gun found on campus. Sweep that one under the rug! But wait, there is more. Take a look at this video. The security guard at Betty Fairfax gets a not-so-warm welcome from a kid who has had way too much inclusivity training.

Let’s jump over to another active Phoenix Union campus. This one is Trevor Browne High School where there is never a dull moment. Here is video from some fights at this west Phoenix campus during this academic year.

We do not have the dates of the fights in this reel. We are getting reports of students, especially females, afraid to use the restroom. Students just don’t know what will happen in an unsupervised restroom and a guy could be hanging out in a girls’ restroom and get away with it if he pretends he is female because we can’t hurt his feelings.

We have had a difficult time getting public records requests filled by the PXU administration lately. However, we recently obtained emails about altercations at Trevor Browne in August of last year. Here is a sample of the communications.

Where is the Phoenix Union Governing Board? Has Stephanie Parra returned from carousing in Austin? (Warning: XXX Rated below, get the children out of the room when Parra is at play).

Is Lela Alston in meetings with Planned Parenthood instead of taking care of her students and staff?

There is a very important meeting about school safety this Thursday, April 13th at Carl Hayden High School. But look what is on the minds of the Trevor Browne administration.

Does this mean if there is a fight on campus Friday the kids have to be quiet throughout so LGBTQ kids feel inclusive? Please let us know, Mr. Kohl, because your group already gets an entire month in June, there was a Trans Day of Vengeance on April 1st, and now a day of silence on April 14th.

By the way, do the students’ parents know their kids are in your club, Mr. Kohl, or is that a secret like the fights on Phoenix Union campuses are kept secret?

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