Pendergast (Phoenix) New Sex Ed Will Be Opt-In (Sorry Planned Parenthood)

It took a few phone calls, but NotInOurSchools was able to determine that the condom-happy “Respect the Line/Draw the Line” sex ed curriculum which will be voted on September 20th will be opt-in, as per Arizona law.

Ramiro Alvarez, Administrative Assistant to Educational Services, told us he wasn’t sure if the new sex ed program was an opt-in situation.  He was only in charge of displaying the curriculum in the district office for public review.  However, Mr. Alvarez researched the situation and promptly called back assuring us Respect the Line is opt-in.  When asked in what class the students would receive the permission slips, he didn’t know and referred any further questions to Margaret Santa Cruz, Director of Guidance and Student Support.

santa cruz pendergastWe encourage parents to contact Ms. Santa Cruz to get more information on the opt-in process and alternatives your child will take in lieu of Condoms 101.  Better yet, attend the school board meeting and let Mr. Martin Quezada and others know condom-coaching isn’t necessary in public schools.



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