Peace, Ontario–An Update from Ontario, Canada

(From Phil Lees in Ontario, his take is relevant in the United States)

Dear Concerned Faith Leadership:

 ….fears of next steps are exactly what we have in Ontario Canada, and I thought I would share with you some strategies that we see are working.  

The Ontario Ministry of Education has implemented a sex ed curriculum that is not medically accurate (no surprise) and unscientific.  Miriam Grossman assessed claims that it is designed to change the attitudes and values of society at the expense of health.  Interesting to note that here there is no evidence of Planned Parenthood input. PP is operating under the guise of other not-for-profits and charity names, or has plants in other organizations that get invited to sit on government curriculum teams.   You may have experienced this as well. 

This curriculum change has been going on as “supplementary teacher content encouraged by liberal university profs since the 1980’s.  The curriculum content did not contain overt controversial messaging, but the content was brought into the classroom by teachers who have the authority to “go beyond the minimum expectations of the curriculum based upon their understanding of the needs of the students.” I have heard this stated in other jurisdictions (Hawaii, England, Mass, New York, etc, etc). 

Up until now, we would tell the church about the pattern of curriculum change, but because it is not in the Official curriculum documents, the church kept its head in the sand. 

With our new sex ed curriculum – where all of the offensive content is actually in the government document as required expectations, the church is beginning to raise its head and listen. 

At the same time, other faith & culture groups (Muslim, Hindu, Chinese) here are using secular strategies (name calling, bulling, etc) to protest and communicate concern – but to no avail, at least not yet.  

Their expressions of concern have been labeled “homophobic”!! leading to discredit of faith groups in mainstream media. 

PP, and their allied groups are entrenched in the Education Hub internationally and in every modern world country.   

In addition to a “political approach”, it would be positive to consider a grassroots approach.  At PEACE we help faith groups in a community to inform families of: 

  • the pattern of curriculum change and the real goal of all this curriculum change
  • why this has happened
  • we have allowed this to happen because people of faith are not discipling their children on sensitive lesson content, 
  • we are not sharing our faith needs with the local schools
  • and the church is less engaged with the school and local community. 

 These I call the “SINS OF OMISSION”.  This has resulted in a gap that has been filled by those with other agendas. 

If you are in Ontario, Canada, please check out:


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