Payoffs for Sex Ed in Arizona Schools

The sex-crazed Left was very upset parents worked with the Arizona Legislature to create a curriculum transparency bill and prevent children in kindergarten through fourth grade from learning about sex and LGBTQ agendas from someone other than family. The bill, SB1456, passed both the Arizona House and Senate and landed on Governor Doug Ducey’s desk. His inexcusable veto is another story for another day. Instead, it is the events leading up to Tuesday’s veto which really call for transparency.

Once the bill passed in the legislature, both sides got busy and contacted the governor urging him to sign it or veto it. The pro-family/pro-children side used conventional methods: Phone calls, email, and social media. Those who crave sex for kids did the same, but they have something most parents don’t have and that is money and easy access to Arizona’s children.

Arizona Educators United is the state’s teachers union, per se. The teachers involved communicate via social media. One teacher was pretty blatant about what to do, even urging her students to contact the governor and demand he veto the bill which would have protected the children themselves.

Since the teacher posted her phone number, we have not shared her name and have kept her contact information private. Back to this “teacher” later. Notice she posted an Instagram account that advocates for sex and urged children to check it out. We checked out the account and they are following some doozies.

Representative Melody Hernandez is from LD26. She shouts her abortion whenever possible on the floor of the House. Clearly she is shouting for help, but nobody on her side gets her the healing she needs. Equality Arizona is a lobbying group seeking to normalize Drag Queens and boys in girls bathrooms under the guise of LGBTQXYZ rights. We have written about Arizona Family Health Partnership. Keep that agency in mind.

Here is another batch of Instagram hook-up accounts the AEU poster is sending kids to.

Senator Martin Quezada and Representative Tony Navarrete earn bonus points in the Arizona Legislature by looking at everything through a gay lens. Otherwise they aren’t real deep. And of course we have all heard of Abortion Inc, otherwise known as Planned Parenthood. SIECUS is a sick national lobbying group which thinks kids having sex is more important than learning reading, writing, and math.

Period Equity? Does that mean the flow is the same each day? PPGEN-ASU is another alphabet lobbying group for the Left because there just aren’t enough. It is especially touching that they support the anti-Christian/anti-White lobbyists at Black Lives Matter:

It’s a cozy feeling to see such unity from the sex for kids Instagram account, especially so soon after BLM’s ilk rioted again in Minneapolis.

The CDC and WHO are two organizations, of course funded by the United States government (our tax dollars), which prey on children by pushing sex and abortion throughout the USA and the world. And we thought their mixed messages about masks were the biggest concern.

Isn’t it strange these teachers are so possessed with sex? What they do with their friends on their own time isn’t the issue here. The concern is they are on the prowl successfully persuading children to play adult games with them. Who is grooming these teachers to take such control of children who belong to someone else?

Back to the AEU hub. It seems the “teacher” who posted her phone number, Facebook account, and Instagram sex account so as to discuss a sex ed and transparency bill with students may not be a teacher employed by an Arizona school district. Her name appeared elsewhere. It seems this adult works for….wait for it….Arizona Family Health Partnership, the same place that is pushing online sex resources for students while their parents aren’t watching. No wonder this adult follows her own agency’s Instagram account. She has access to children; she talks about it in the AEU discussion hub (she has since deleted the post). Do the parents know? Should parents know who their children are associating with?

Is the AEU discussion hub just for teachers? It seems not. The woman who was chatting on the AEU hub about demanding Ducey veto SB1456 works for a state agency. She has the knowledge of the Instagram account @sex_education_for_a_change because her job is to push sex ed on children through her employment with Arizona Family Health Partnership. Remember the first Instagram account screenshot above? It does turn out the agency is stalking Arizona’s kids, whether it is in person or on-line, which was exactly what we were worried about when we first wrote about them in December.

In our first post about Arizona Family Health Partnership we were concerned with many of the partners listed on the website. Bedsider is one of them. Look what the woman posting on the AEU hub wants to teach little kids:

It’s no wonder the woman in the AEU discussion doesn’t want SB1456 to become law since parents would have been given the power to see their child’s sex ed curriculum. Is the woman a poacher inside the AEU Facebook discussion so as to get the teachers to do her heavy lifting? Is she really a lobbyist? Some of the lobbyists are giving teachers gift cards to lobby for them. Is that what happened on the AEU hub? How often is this occurring? Should we conclude that is why so many teachers are following in lockstep no matter the issue, because they are getting gifts under the table?

Once again, the money sure is flowing for the sex industry, and the teachers and government employees who want to take away the innocence of another person’s child. Why can’t these dollars be used instead for the academic education of Arizona’s kids? You know, “For the children”.

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