Parents vs. Everyone Else

The past two weeks have brought some serious issues to the forefront in Arizona public schools. Many times families think the problems are in someone else’s school district or stem from one or two rogue governing board members. Between Chandler Unified’s collusion with the Chandler Police, Scottsdale Unified’s google dossier with private information on community members, and Louden County, Virginia’s cover-up of a rape of a female student by a transgender individual in the school’s bathroom, it is evident the problems are systemic. Just recently, a mother in Fairfax County was told she can no longer step foot in her child’s school library since she exposed pornagraphic material the school provides to minors.

Many think Texas is safe for families and better aligns with “We The People.” Not so fast. A minister and Army veteran were both arrested for the crime of being parents and community members and disagreeing with the hallowed school board.

To be honest, we are currently inundated with concerns around the state of Arizona. This website began simply to expose Planned Parenthood and its desire to make every minor student an abortion customer, via public schools. As the LGBTQ alphabet also successfully enveloped these same minor students with Planned Parenthood as an ally, we had to address that angle. Recently, the “tolerance” we are orded to have for boys dressed in skirts in girls restrooms (thanks Target) has been quietly inserted into Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning. It’s not always easy to find because the sexual perversion agenda is hidden beneath layers of flowery, caring words, but the goal of these programs are clear: Adults who don’t know your children are hired to step into your child’s world and befriend them, eventually taking over for you, the parents. All of this is done for the child’s mental and emotional health, so we are told. Now we see health centers popping up in school districts in Maricopa County, from Mesa to Phoenix. Again, these are under the guise of physical health using Covid vaccines. Why is that needed? Every drug store and pharmacy offers these shots, Maricopa County has vaccine events, as do many churches. Aren’t schools built and funded for academics? We used to see free lunch programs for low income families and now anyone can get lunch at various schools throughout the valley during the summer, no questions asked. Several years ago in Tempe, free preschool was implemeted by the city. It was supposed to be a pilot program and just funded for two years. It’s still in existence.

It was disturbing to find out Attorney General Merrick Garland’s son-in-law has a financial interest in Panorama Curriculum and Surveys. Why do schools allow third parties to survey students? Are the parents informed? What medical and personal information will be mined and shared at these new school health centers?

Look what happens when parents push back, they are labeled domestic terrorists by the federal government, stalked by a school board president’s dad, and arrested by their local police department. The biggest head scratcher right now is why don’t those in government want to partner with us instead of work against us?

Those who believe in God know children are His gift to parents. Those who do not believe may not value the child nor the relationship between the child and his or her parents. This is now perfectly clear and once again, we have to pick on Chandler Unified School District.

Right in the middle of Advent, two weeks before Christmas, and just a few days after Hanukkah ends, Secular Coalition AZ will be having a Secular Summit. To top it off, Chandler Unified’s Lindsay Love will be one of the speakers. This summit should be quite the Debbie Downer during one of the most festive and unifying times of the year.

It all makes sense. A former Creighton school board member who allowed Planned Parenthood in her ELEMENTARY school district takes the reins at Secular AZ, invites a local governing board member who supports Planned Parenthood and Big Sis who currently runs the Board for Planned Parenthood tweets everyone’s praises. Yes, prayer in school is not allowed, Big Education tries to tell us it’s Winter Vacation instead of Christmas Vacation (that’s not very inclusive!), and school districts refer to Good Friday as Holiday Friday just so as not to offend anyone.

Parents, how is this working out for you? They took God’s influence away from your kids for six or seven hours per day sixty years ago. In doing so, we have a baby-killer organization in schools, kids changing their sex at the behest of a school counselor without their parent’s permission, a powerful curriculum company gathering personal information on your kids for who knows what reasons, obscene material in school libraries, porn in school library data bases, and an abundance of mysterious social workers we don’t know anything about instead of a police office to keep the kids and staff safe. When there is a fight at a high school, everyone better use the correct pronouns.

The changes were subtle until recently. Now folks like Jeanne Casteen and Lindsay Love don’t even hide their intent for your kids. Does anything they stand for have to do with academics?

We are asking a lot of questions in this post to get our readers to think. Why do educators want to sieze our children and handle all of their needs? Why do some of these educators demand to intervene and change how you are raising your child?

It’s all creepy. It’s creepy to contact a local police department because parents disagree with a governing board. It’s creepy a governing board president’s daddy assembled private information on parents who disagreed with his boy. It’s creepy a Virginia school district will not let a taxpayer in the library but porn is welcome. It’s creepy Big Education and governing boards want so much power to sexualize someone else’s child but not teach them academics. The secularists don’t believe in good so they can’t see evil.

Or do they? We will be following up with a bigger picture and it will be hard to swallow. The evil may have a purpose.

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