Parents Rights Will Be On Display in Arizona on June 24th, Join Us!

By now many parents across the state of Arizona are well aware the Arizona Board of Education will be addressing some rule changes for sex ed. This meeting will take place on Monday, June 24th. We have heard it starts at 9AM, and we’ve heard it starts at 10AM. (Why are meeting times regarding sex ed so hard to nail down?) We now have verified the meeting does begin at 10AM. It will be packed by those who support Planned Parenthood’s involvement in their childrens’ sex education and those who feel parents are well-equipped to teach their children their own moral values.

In the meantime, social media in Arizona is lit up with comments and concerns. Here is a petition circulation for taxpayers to sign if they are against any Comprehensive Sex Ed in Arizona. Check out the video on the front page of this link to get an idea of what state Superintendent Kathy Hoffman wants Arizona’s children to experience.

Arizona taxpayers, look what is circulating on Twitter. This is from a teacher trying to rally fellow teachers to come to the Arizona State Board Meeting because there will be a lot of “hate groups” there. Hate groups? Does she mean parents? Is this what Arizona teachers, who just received a raise from the taxpayers, think of parents?

Who is this teacher who doesn’t like parents? Families in Surprise, Arizona here’s a heads-up. If you don’t want sexual grooming taught to your minor children in school, Ms. Maloney says you’re a hater.

So here we go on Monday, another political battle of us vs. them. And who is being used in the process? Of course, it’s all for the kids. Yes, loosening Arizona’s sex ed standards, which are hanging by a thread, will directly affect our kids for their lifetime, but not for their own good.

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