Paradise Valley Unified Schools’ Paid and Unpaid Activists

Recently it was revealed Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) is paying over $200,000 of taxpayer money to lobbyists. We know the Arizona Legislature lives and dies by what lobbyists tell them to do, but many did not know this same blackmail is occuring in local school districts. PVUSD parents may be very surprised how big their own web is, and that those in charge are deliberately stacking the deck against anyone who disagrees with the Big Education Cabal.

We asked PVUSD for recent correspondence they have had with one of their chosen lobbying groups, HighGround Associates. Just a reminder, HighGround’s top dog, Charles Coughlin, worked with Governor Jan Brewer and against Arizonans during her tenure on the Ninth Floor. Why would anything change?

Special interests rule the day. There are so many hands in Paradise Valley’s cookie jar; are there backroom deals going on we should know about? What a maze the district has built.

Arizona School Board Association (ASBA), the same entity which promotes Critical Race Theory, Social Emotional Learning, and gender/sexual grooming, sent emails to Dr. Troy Bales, the Superintendent of Paradise Valley Schools, and Nancy Case, Anne Greenberg, and Julie Bacon, three of the governing board members, sharing a webinar about bonds and overrides. Of course, another money grab. Paradise Valley’s HighGround provided a panelist to teach the district how to trick voters out of their hard-earned dollars.

Anne Greenberg? She’s a busy woman! It looks like she has held a position in the Democratic Party. We can guess how she feels about sex ed for minors, which has morphed into sexual grooming in schools without parental consent. It’s the new pledge of allegiance for Democrats.

Ms. Greenberg also spent time on the Paradise Valley United Parent Council (UPC).

Remember UPC, Paradise Valley United Parent Council? This is the group we wrote about earlier this year, the select individuals along with the Red for Ed leader who also work behind the scenes to push a liberal agenda in PVUSD. Dr. Bales made sure the UPC President was aware of the opportunity to extort more money from taxpayers.

Julie Bacon? Well, what do you know, Julie Bacon just happens to be an employee of the Arizona School Boards Association. Isn’t this a conflict of interest? Should she abstain from any governing board vote that is associated in any way with ASBA? Here is her bio and if ASBA doesn’t erase it, a nifty video is included implicating the White folks in Arizona, which includes Paradise Valley, for their ongoing racist misdeeds. We went ahead and screenshotted the bio and also saved her video just in case ASBA decides to quietly remove Ms. Bacon’s information.

Superintendent Troy Bales sent the ASBA Bonds and Overrides link to a few people:

Who are the individuals to whom Dr. Bales sent the ASBA link?

Jill Barragan also wears many hats which overlap and interconnect. Remember the book from childhood “Caps for Sale”? The description in this ad fits well with Paradise Valley’s personalities.

Back to Jill Barragan, here is how she spends her days.

And again, notice Paradise Valley United Parent Council (UPC) was sent the ASBA webinar link. This would be a great thing if UPC didn’t shut out those who disagree with them. That in itself means the group does not represent parents, instead it represents agendas and now we can say the group also represents lobbyists.

Who is Stacey Huscher? She is the Executive Director of the Paradise Valley Schools Education Foundation. This 501 (c)(3) raises money for……wait for it……Equity.

It gets better. Look who is on Ms. Huscher’s PV Schools Education Foundation team–Barry Chasse, of Chasse Building Team. See the crossover on the original ASBA Bonds and Override invitation? One of the sponsors is Chasse Building. Of course Chasse wants bonds and overrides to succeed. Often those who will benefit with school construction contracts are the financial supporters of the overrides. Chasse’s Taylor Perkins was scheduled to talk about PACs. Yes, PACs so constituents don’t know where the campaign donations for elections and overrides are coming from.

Check out Chasse’s website and scroll down through their projects. There are many contracts they have secured to build or remodel schools. How many pockets do these education “advocates” wear each day and how do they keep track of all the hands in each pocket?

Well, they don’t. It’s hard to keep track of what is said and to whom. One of the PVUSD parents has had quite enough and called Dr. Bales out on one of his inconsistencies. One of the bills Governor Doug Ducey signed this session was SB1165, which requires girls to play on girls sports teams and boys to play on boys teams. There is nothing controversial about this bill because scientifically, and we are told to follow the science, there exists either girls or boys. When a boy dresses up as or pretends to be a girl, he still has an X and Y chromosome, and a girl will always have two X chromosomes, even if she has her breasts cut off. It’s very simple but lobbyists and Democrats purposely complicate things.

As we noted previously, Paradise Valley Schools, at the expense of taxpayers, has hired lobbyists to do their bidding.

For some reason one of the lobbyists, DeMenna Public Affairs, does not follow science and encouraged a NO vote on SB1165. Is it because the liberals on Paradise Valley’s governing board and in the district’s handpicked parent groups are acting as activists for the Democrat Party instead of families?

Mr. Jackson refers to yet another PVUSD special interest group, Community Legislative Network (CLN). Why are the overpaid lobbyists necessary if this special committee of Dr. Bales is acting as lobbyists? The committee is run by Dr. Bales, and he is not allowing parents to attend unless he has hand-selected them. In fact, when Mr. Jackson tried to attend a CLN meeting in May, it was canceled and he was told he couldn’t attend dispite the meetings occuring on district property.

CLN is run by Lisa Hoberg. Mrs. Hoberg doesn’t quite live in the PVUSD district although she sends a child to Paradise Valley Schools. As she uses her position to push for higher taxes through her work on bonds and override elections, she doesn’t have to pay up, while the parents who actually live in the district do. Word is she worked on the campaign of former Arizona State Senator and Red for Ed supporter Heather Carter. Their relationship is quite cozy. Here they are on the Greater Phoenix Leadership website.

Lisa Hoberg chaired the “Yes for PV Students” campaign to raise taxes on her neighbors. She is listed as a chair with some help from Julie Bacon, PVUSD Governing Board member. Coincidentally or not, the address listed on the bond and override link matches Mrs. Hoberg’s residence in a neighboring district (according to the Maricopa County assessor’s office).

Then there is the opportunity the Paradise Valley political activists take to purposely confuse the public. These “advocates” used district resources to rally parents to the Capitol for political purposes and disguised it as a bake sale. (Attorney General Brnovich, are you reading this?)

Anyone see a pattern here? If not, we have one more piece of the puzzle. Scroll back up to Ms. Barragan’s bio and take note of her position on the Arizona Association of School Business Officials. Well, here is one more email to Dr. Bales, this one happens to be about that stingy Arizona Legislature and it’s time to rally the troops have a Bake Sale because HighGround did a report.

What Arizona School Board Association doesn’t want people to know is during school board trainings, they encourage their attendees to vote as a block. ASBA implies the general public feels better about their school boards if they don’t see disagreement. Group think and greed seem to go hand in hand. And school districts pay money to be a part of ASBA. Where do they get the money for membership? To nobody’s surprise, from the taxpayers. Remember it’s all for the children–not the lobbyists, administration, who’s who in the community, businesses, Democrat Party, sexual groomers, politicians…….

2 thoughts on “Paradise Valley Unified Schools’ Paid and Unpaid Activists

  • June 25, 2022 at 1:32 pm

    Exemplary work; as usual. As we saw yesterday, work such as yours and the prayers of the faithful have not gone unnoticed.

    It has always been up to God’s people to turn things around.
    2 Chronicles 7:14

    There are times when we all wonder if our efforts are having any effect.
    In our day to day battle with evil it is easy to forget what is really going on.
    Ephesians 6:12

    Our work will not be done until He comes again in Glory.
    Keep up the fabulous work. You are surely gathering up treasures in Heaven
    And, no matter whether we see the direct results of our efforts, or not, we know that the do matter as long as what we do is by faith.
    James 2:14-26

    (Disclaimer: I believe you already know these things but i thought it might be useful to say that some folks, like myself, really do appreciate what you do here and understand the value of your work)

    • June 25, 2022 at 11:01 pm

      Thanks for reading and all that you also do!

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