One, Count Him, One Maricopa County Supervisor Responds to Sex Ed Funding Issue

It is a wonder why the five Maricopa County Supervisors have two options to contact them on the county’s website.  Click on their picture and an email option pops up, or click on each individual district and that Supervisor’s email link appears.  The County has made it pretty easy to stay in communication with Maricopa’s Fab 5.

Unfortunately, the Supervisors don’t seem to respond to emails sent to their county addresses.  However, one Supervisor did return an email sent to his private account.  One of our readers contacted Superintendent Bill Gates of District 3 when he found out Maricopa County had approved funding for Planned Parenthood sex ed curriculum.  Supervisor Gates responded to him:


It is true that Bill Gates was not in office when the grants to fund sex ed and Planned Parenthood were approved.  And we are thankful Mr. Gates is taking this issue seriously.

We encourage readers who are concerned about Maricopa County getting into the sex ed business to give it another shot and contact the Maricopa County Supervisors.  If you hear from them, let us know.  We want to give them credit if they explain why they are funding these curriculums.  We hope they will respond to anyone, not just citizens they know.


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