Once Peaceful Arizona Now Overrun With Antifa and They Don’t Like Kids

Back in August we wrote about the Antifa seeds planted in Arizona in recent years. Is it a coincidence these changes occurred along side the Red for Ed takeover of Arizona schools in 2018? Maybe if our Attorney General had done something about the teachers who illegally walked out on their students and the politicking which occurred in school buildings, on school time, and with school resources, the radicals could have been kept in their box.

So here we are. We are just weeks from those perfectly secure early ballots being sent out for the perfectly administered November 8, 2022 general election. Maricopa County Attorney Abortion-for-Her-Daughters candidate Julie Gunnigle continues to promise to not prosecute laws she doesn’t like. How does a citizen know whether something is right or wrong if the County Attorney can change her mind on a whim?

Based on Ms. Gunnigle’s interviews, she will determine what laws are appropriate to enforce. In that case, why are we having elections for the Arizona Legislature? They can all go home, no potential statutes need to be discussed or written. Dictator Gunnigle has it covered.

Just a couple years ago, Bruce Franks, Jr., a Black Lives Matter activist, landed in the suburbs east of Phoenix. He had been living in Missouri, but what brought him to Arizona? The political landscape changed two years earlier when militant Red for Ed gained power, proving the louder the teachers demanded, the more they got from the Republican-led Arizona Legislature. The radicals had taken over many city councils and school districts already. The mockingbird media protected them, and instead turned the tables on those who voice concerns.

Why not? Let’s get the most radical people in office from top to bottom. Let’s neuter law enforcement. Let’s make classrooms activist training centers. Let’s let criminals out of jail. Let’s say nothing as illegals stream across the border into the United States (does Julie Gunnigle give illegals a spare room until they are settled in our country?) And finally, that darn President Trump and his SCOTUS picks–let’s take over county attorney offices around the country in case Roe vs. Wade actually is sent back to the states–we just won’t prosecute so we can keep dismembering children for profit.

Mass Liberation is an organization which is anti-police and pro-criminal. From here we will let Mr. Franks tell his story through visual aids.

Bruce Franks,Jr. is a part of Mass Liberation AZ.

Bruce Franks, Jr. made some plans for the night Roe vs. Wade was sent back to the states in June.

He seems like a pleasant fellow. Bruce Franks is also Julie Gunnigle’s campaign manager.

Water seeks its own level. AZ Free News reported about Franks’ past tweets, and they’re not pretty. Arizonans were minding their own business for decades and somehow controversial characters just happened to move here. It’s not an accident. Not long after Franks moved to Arizona, Tempe Mayor Corey Woods welcomed him in anticipation of working with him.

Is it any coincidence a Marxist school has surfaced at Arizona State University? Why are ASU and Tempe targeted?

The Arizona abortion lobby had a goal to somehow, some way, oust previous Maricopa County attorney Allister Adel. Planned Parenthood graduates got their way when Ms. Adel resigned, which forced the upcoming election for a new Maricopa County attorney. Franks was up to the task to be Gunnigle’s campaign manager. Here he is at a rally demanding Adel’s resignation.

And here we go, Chris Love, former Planned Parenthood Board Chair, and Bruce Franks, Jr. have a lovefest on social media.

None of this is coincidental. As we always say, everything is about abortion. Arizona, a red state which was chipping away at abortion, fell for the Red for Ed teacher mafia. Once the liberals saw how soft the Republicans in office were, and with the media on their side, they flocked here under various pretenses. The ultimate goal was to make abortion widespread, not necessarily safe, and never rare. Replacing the Republican county attorney in one of the biggest counties in the country was a huge task, but liberals play a long game and it worked. Using schools to slice and dice the parent-child relationship has been successful. A violent rally at the Arizona Capitol in late June yielded no punishment for the perpetrators. Laws? Who needs them, unless of course you’re a parent who speaks against the liberal school board.

DO NOT VOTE EARLY. Ignore the Arizona GOP when they send early voting reminders. Go to the polls on election day. Bring your mail-in ballot with you and ask the polling place to spoil it. They will give you a new ballot, and vote on Election Day only. It’s imperative you vote for law and order. Antifa (and all the Democrats) are not law and order. Antifa is abortion.

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