Obamacare’s Access to Your School Nurse and More

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said we’d have to read the “Affordable” Care Act bill to see what is in it?

That is one of the few statements she has made that is truthful.  While employers, people of faith, health insurance companies, and doctors navigate Obamacare’s muddy waters, the Department of Education got an invite into your child’s school.  You know, the government knows so much more than you do about how to take care of YOUR kids.

A school-based health center?  Really?  Does this have anything to do with pre-teens getting Gardasil unbeknownst to their parents?

It gets better.  Yesterday at the Planned Parenthood protest in Tempe, Arizona, it was announced that employees in Los Angeles and other school districts have taken students to get abortions without their parents’ consent.  Forward to the 6:25 mark if you are in a hurry.  If these government health centers get free rent in your neighborhood school and you send your child to that school, you are basically turning your offspring over to the government, in every way.  You are no longer in charge of anything.

The speaker in the attached video is Harry Plummer, headmaster at Ville de Marie Academy.  Some listening to his entire message may want to tune it out, he talks about religion, or lack thereof quite a bit.  But think about it, is your way, removing God from schools, the public square, and Christmas, really working?  Is society better, safer, and truly happier?

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