More State Dollars Allocated to Arizona Teachers For SEL and LGBTQ Classrooms

Because there aren’t enough organizations, policy groups, lobbyists, and think tanks charged with educating our youth, another was created years ago in Arizona. Is it a surprise it was Governor Jane Dee Hull, a Republican, who took advantage of Arizona taxpayers when she created the Arizona K12 Center in 1999? Money was being thrown at education without positive results, so of course, fund something else. However, funding policy groups does not lead to money in the classroom nor in teachers’ paychecks. The K12 Center was created to support teacher professional development, which is the best opportunity for administrations and educators to circumvent state laws which address curriculum review.

Many Arizonans haven’t heard of the K12 Center. It is based out of Northern Arizona University but its office is in central Phoenix. There are endless professional development opportunities in education; are students in the Colleges of Education at Arizona’s three universities not being adequately taught or is professional development a ruse for something else? After reviewing the progression of the K12 Center over the last 20 years, it seems the professional development offered creates self-centered teacher activists influenced by a familiar, very partisan, cast of characters.

Not long after the Arizona K12 Center was conceived, one of the abortion industry’s favorite couples, Bill and Melinda Gates, donated $2.7 million to it.

While this donation may have nothing to do with child sacrifice, it keeps the Gates name in the forefront of peoples’ minds in a positive way. When Bill Gates develops shots which harm children, he can hide behind his donations to help teachers, pulling at the heartstrings of millions of people. Additional Gates donations were awarded in later years.

A video was produced to not only build up the infamous Gates, but also teachers. While everyone wants to be recognized in their careers, most mature professionals focus on their clientele and less on themselves. The video seeks to elevate teachers’ voices. Was that for the good of the children? Notice the date, 2014. Teachers were becoming vocal, and just a few years later in 2018, most participated in Red for Ed in Arizona and walked out on their students for six days. Look closely at the description of the video, the K12 Center works with the Arizona’s Education Association (AEA is a pseudo union in Arizona).

Here is another video produced by the Arizona K12 Center six years ago which would closely align with the Red for Ed walkout. Remember the saying there is no “I” in teamwork? The K12 Center and the teachers in the video must have missed that memo.

Meanwhile, the Gates Foundation has for a long time financially supported abortion through Planned Parenthood . This is what is happening in YOUR schools right now through Community Schools’ hidden curriculum and school-based clinics, supported by administrations, Arizona government, and many counselors and therapists on staff at your local school. Here is the latest from Melinda Gates who is dumping $1 billiion dollars into “womens organizations”. That is code for abortion.

And to further divide children from parents, Melinda Gates is jumping into the mental health frenzy. Beware of funds flowing into Arizona schools for mental health anything.

In a nutshell, the classroom will be the petri dish for the government and outside entities to survey, collect data, make rogue diagnosis, and take over the upbringing of your children. This is what Whole or Community Schools are and the concept is popping up everywhere. Sadly, the Arizona Department of Education has also funded the Arizona K12 Center.

Back to the K12 Center working with the AEA, the same organization which supports abortion and transitioning children, look who made it on the K12 Center’s website.

Anti-school choice mouthpiece, Beth Lewis, went on a rampage about taxpayers using their own tax dollars to send their kids to a school which has moral standards.

Unfortunately the seeds for Social Emotional Learning were planted decades ago. The public just didn’t pick up on it until the curriculum developers were in everyone’s faces and parents saw what was being taught during Covid remote classrooms. Even in Arizona, a feel-good grant was awarded to the K12 Center over 20 years ago.

We thought when Chad Gestson resigned as superintendent of Phoenix Union High School District Arizona’s children may be free from his warped leadership. We were wrong. He is now publishing videos with the Arizona K12 Center.

Mr. Gestson oversaw PXU as it developed into a place of on-campus fights, overcrowded classrooms, the LGBTQ+++ agenda, and graduating students who cannot properly read nor write. As it turns out, it totally makes sense the Arizona K12 Center would partner with the LGBTQ community’s favorite superintendent. Check out this video the K12 Center produced about the LGBTQ+ educator experience.

Another one of Chad Gestson’s favorite themes when he was at the helm at Phoenix Union was Restorative Justice. The Arizona K12 Center has a video about this dangerous policy on its website.

Arizona Whole/Community Schools are growing rapidly and we write about the situation regularly. It is seems to be a bedrock at the Arizona K12 Center and funds for this debacle are popping up everywhere.

There are a couple members on the Arizona K12 Center’s board of directors which are concerning. One is Bruce DuPlanty, who currently works at the Arizona Department of Education. Recently he presented at an SEL conference which was held in Portland. Accompanying DuPlanty at the conference was Mesa Public Schools Superintendent Andi Forlis, who is also on the K12 Center Board of Directors.

Take note, Mesa Public Schools is currently being sued for hiding student gender transition from their parents. Is Superintendent Forlis who should be “mentoring” Arizona’s teachers?

Finally, Katie Hobbs got in on the act and directed $2 million towards the Arizona K12 Center. Hobbs currently is laser focused on adding abortion through nine months to the state’s constitution. She is also a huge supporter of transitioning children while putting the state’s girls in danger in school bathrooms and showers. Her views fit right in with Community Schools.

The Arizona K12 Center is receiving millions of dollars, and much of it is from state funding, etiher through Northern Arizona University or the Arizona Department of Education. Once again, we are funding our children’s demise. Currently our Arizona Legislature is preparing the budget. Will any Republican member put some limits or guardrails on the manner our money is spent? Will they just sign the budget which continues the funding of our woke universities and organizations which harm chidren instead of educate them? This is the time to take a stand Arizona Legislators. You are in campaign season, here is an opportunity to prove to your constituents you will do the right thing.

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