More Pressure on Arizona’s Great Hearts Academy is Groundwork for Huge Change in Arizona

They never give up.  Those who want to break up the family and put children in danger never stop.  They don’t understand the word NO and why should they in this lawless society?

Great Hearts Academy in the Phoenix area has been holding firm to traditional and positive values and didn’t melt when a small, loud group demanded LGBTQ bathrooms last year.  At that point, those who felt the need to find a school that was run by GLSEN could have gone elsewhere or formed their own academy to meet their needs.  They didn’t, they have resurfaced for 2018, this time using hairstyles as their cover.

Recently a student was sent home from Great Hearts for violating the school’s dress code.  All these years things were fine, but the hair policy became a discriminatory policy according the the ACLU.  Wonderful.  Now another school that is cornered into dealing with the media instead of teaching the students.

The real story is haircut boy’s mom is a front for a small group to complain about Great Heart’s “Catholic” standards.  This group of charter schools is not affiliated with any religion, and they don’t have to be to require particular behavior for their students.  But a few vocal parents are confronting the headmaster and making demands that would make GLSEN proud under the guise of inclusion.  Here is one of the Great Hearts parent’s tweets.  Remember, she chose to send her child to the school, she knew the rules, and now she’s being prodded by the ACLU and it’s time for her 15 minutes of fame.

Maybe Ms. Young can check another box on her resume by getting an interview on one of those talking head shows with her ACLU lawyer by her side answering all the softball questions.  Or she can run for office with campaign donations from GLSEN, GLAAD, and the like.  The landscape in Arizona was prime for a showdown regarding school choice issues at the ballot in November of this year.

Fast forward to the week of April 23, 2018.  Maybe the school choice angle wasn’t polling well.  Possibly many of the educrats who are dependent on a top-heavy federal government were unhappy most folks received tax cuts.  Businesses are coming to Arizona to set up shop in a business-friendly environment with a governor who himself came from the business industry.  Arizonans are working again.  They were minding their own business and enjoying a small break from politics.  What to do to turn Arizona against school choice by November of 2018?


The movement is brilliant.  Let’s give the teachers’ unions and educrats the kudos they deserve–they pulled a fast and well-funded one on the people of Arizona.  All of us know a teacher, we probably have one or more in our own families.  All of us had teachers who changed our lives.  Who can vote against teachers?  And while nobody really seems to nail down what teachers actually make with pensions, benefits, and personal/sick days, everyone says they deserve more money, whether they are good or bad teachers.

Families innately would not vote against candidates or policies which support school choice.  Arizona leads the nation in school choice.  Instead of taking cues from the electorate, the big dollar unions developed the RedForEd movement to use the massive amounts of teachers and students to plead the governor and the legislature for more money.  There is nothing wrong with that except the actual teachers’ salaries are determined at the local district level, not at the state level.  The financial issues are complicated and so, teachers went on strike and gathered at the Arizona Capitol.  What better way for two candidates vying for Governor and Superintendent of Public Instruction to hobnob with the sad teachers and parents, get their faces on television and social media, and drum up support and donations?

The RedForEd wave is actually the base for a blue wave into elected office in Phoenix later this year.  If this occurs, school choice will be limited; Arizona will no longer lead the nation in CHOICE for our students.  And guess where else there won’t be choice.  Planned Parenthood WILL be in each school.

Click here and make sure you are sitting while watching this video which lays it out clearly.

If you have your child in a religious or charter school, brace yourself, you may not be immune from Planned Parenthood’s invasion.  Any action possible will be taken to keep sex ed CHOICE from families.  Do not be swept up in RedForEd candidates no matter where your children attend school.  Do your homework or your kids will be seeing lots of pink in their classrooms.  Those who claim to be for CHOICE will make sure of that.

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    She was the Assistant Headmaster at Great Hearts North Phoenix, when they chose someone else to be the new Headmaster she resigned. My son has been at North Phoenix since they opened, I’ve been very happy with his education as a whole.

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      Thanks for the information!

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