More Deception by Tempe Union High School’s Superintendent

We continually observe those connected in any way with Planned Parenthood twisting the truth to cover their tracks.  We see it from Cecil Richards, Planned Parenthood’s top liar, to their supporters, donors, and candidates.  Misinformation continues with school administrations who pander to Planned Parenthood to obtain secret rewards.

Returning to Tempe Union High Schools (TUHSD), Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Baca continually defies the community when challenged about his push for Planned Parenthood in the schools.

When Planned Parenthood planned its march into the district in early 2014, Dr. Baca told the media the public was misinformed.  More recently Dr. Baca denied Planned Parenthood’s presence in the district even though his schools are using a version of Planned Parenthood’s FLASH sex ed and the teachers’ manual is FLASH.

Here is another Baca twist.  Later in 2014 while TUHSD’s sex ed committee was hashing it out with “certain members of the community”, a citizen asked Dr. Baca if the rumors were true, would Planned Parenthood be teaching in his schools?  Here is the email chain:

Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2016 10:43:10 -0500
Subject: TUHSD

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you.  I am  quoting
from an e-mail received from Dr. TUHSD policy prohibiting  outside
groups from teaching sex ed.

In a message dated 8/19/2014 4:12:42 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,
_kbaca@tempeunion.org_ (  writes:

Mr ______,
Thank you for your email and feedback.
Tempe Union has a new Administrative Regulation that supports Governing
Board Policy IHAMB. This Regulation was created in order to address concerns,
from certain community members, regarding false information that Planned
Parenthood would be teaching Tempe Union’s sex education  curricula.
Regulation IHAMB-R specifically states: “Any and all outside  organizations
are explicitly prohibited from teaching any and all portions of  the Tempe
Union Sex Education curricula.” This Regulation also stipulates that  only
Tempe Union certified employees shall oversee the teaching of sex  education
curricula. Thus, Ms. DeLong, and any non-Tempe Union certified  teacher,
would be prohibited from teaching any and all of Tempe Union’s Sex  Education
Again, thank you for your email and feedback. Your active communication  is
deeply appreciated.

Okay, Dr. Baca, your teachers are teaching Planned Parenthood curricula instead of members of the organization.  Is there a difference?  Who trained the teachers?  Who gave the teachers the materials?  This is a deliberate attempt to avoid the heart of the matter by using big educrat words and policies, implying “certain members of the community” lie and are much dumber than the superintendent.

Policy IHAMB-R must be the code word for school districts, as this is how Creighton Schools are teaching Planned Parenthood’s agenda.  The Pink People are training the teachers (even those who disagree with the organization) while using Planned Parenthood materials to mess up the children.

We expect our children to tell us the truth, but we have lowered our standards for the highly paid adults who run our schools.

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