Mesa Residents: Senator Tyler Pace Does Not Represent You

We all know Planned Parenthood and its affiliates creatively find any way they can to influence children (the children who escape those pink walls). We have been documenting government money funneled to sex ed and adult material which is downloaded through children’s devices unbeknownst to their parents. The child predators are still taking full advantage of Covid and online learning that should have never become the norm.

Because of this, Senator Wendy Rogers introduced SB1044 that would prevent grant money for sex ed to be awarded to any organization which is affiliated with abortions. It’s quite simple and overdue, especially since abortion numbers in Arizona are up in 2020 since we have sexualized children more and more.

Although Republicans (the Party that used to defend life) have a majority in committee, Senator Tyler Pace made sure to kill the bill, despite pretending to represent conservative voters in the East Valley. Senator Rogers reminded the committee about SB1009, from way back in April of 2012. This law mandates that sex ed in Arizona public schools lean towards teaching about life and adoption. Abortion can be taught, but the emphasis is to be on life. As long as Planned Parenthood is involved, education towards life is impossible. The abortion mill has quite a presence in Arizona schools under various partners, which this mother listed for the committee.

We wrote about ETR many years ago, which is explained in the video above. ETR was chosen for use in Pendergast School District in west Phoenix where Arizona State Senator Martin Quezada sits on the governing board.

This is the same Quezada who is normally against parents’ rights, unless it is a parent walking into Planned Parenthood.

Ironically, Quezada wins the Hispanic vote despite being a member of the Democrat Party, which has hitched its wagon on the Temple of Satan.

To Senator Pace’s credit, he does not state on his website he is prolife. Those who are truly prolife are pretty exhausted with supporting candidates who tell us they are prolife and then vote the opposite. However, running for office in Mesa, which is heavily LDS along with other religions who support traditional family values, most would assume Pace would be a shoe-in to try to slow down Planned Parenthood. He made it clear on February 16, 2022 in the Arizona Senate Health and Human Services Committee he would not oppose Planned Parenthood because abortion is legal.

Well, Senator Pace, those rules are working real well, aren’t they? Creighton School District openly defied Arizona statute.

Senator Pace should ask Senator Quezada how he can secure a $2500 donation from Planned Parenthood to add to his already heavy campaign contributions from various PACs. And therein lies the problem. For those of you who eat and breathe politics, check out some of Tyler PACe’s campaign donations. There are very few $10 and $25 donations from PACe’s constituents. Instead, he has earned most of his donations from PACs, which don’t represent District 25 but instead represent special interest lobbyists. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if Senator PACe defends life, parents, families, religion, freedom, or guns. He owes his neighbors nothing.

Senator PACe hasn’t quite mastered liberal word gymnastics yet, but he’s getting there. Maybe a little more time defending Planned Parenthood and its baby body part sales scheme with Martin Quezada is all that is needed.

In the meantime, while Senator PACe pretends to know so much about Arizona law, he really doesn’t.

Senator PACe is just one of many “Republican” legislators elected to a slim majority in both Arizona chambers. He and his cronies vote too often like liberals, so in reality the Arizona Legislature is majority Democrat, despite what the media reports. Let’s hope Senator PACe either sees the light or the door this primary season.

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  • April 19, 2022 at 9:21 pm

    Let me introduce my husband, Robert Scantlebury, a PRO-LIFE Republican primary challenger for the new LD9 Senate seat (formerly LD25). We collected over 1300 signatures in just two weeks to make sure that the residents of LD9 are being represented! We’d appreciate your support!

    Facebook (currently being updated):

    • April 20, 2022 at 12:22 pm

      You got it!! We have heard good things about Robert.

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