Local Phoenix Media Supports Planned Parenthood

We all know the media is a lapdog for Planned Parenthood and its deceit.  There was very little coverage of the organization’s sales of baby body parts.  And the media does not report the physical or emotional damage an abortive woman endures, while they constantly remind us of the dangers to our kids if they consume too much soda or candy.

On Friday, April 8, 2016, local Phoenix television station Channel 3 touted that day’s Planned Parenthood spring fundraiser to be held at the posh Arizona Biltmore Hotel.  We commented that the station advertised for Planned Parenthood and the anchor responded:

Okay, since AZFamily (Channel 3) takes reporting seriously, we responded to the anchor via twitter:

And Channel 3’s response: Crickets.

We know why the truth about Planned Parenthood is kept a secret from families by the local media.  Here is a list of organizations supported in 2015 by Meredith Corporation, the owners of Channels 3 and 5 in Phoenix.  Jump to page 20 to see the list of Planned Parenthoods they help finance.

While we didn’t attend Planned Parenthood’s pink fundraiser in Phoenix, it can be assumed the Biltmore Hotel and grounds were beautiful as usual.  Was the Arizona Biltmore randomly selected for this event?  Maybe not.  The Biltmore is a Waldorf Astoria Hotel.  Waldorf is part of the Hilton chain of hotels. The Hilton partners with Planned Parenthood and has been the subject of a boycott for this relationship.

It doesn’t appear the Arizona Planned Parenthood fundraiser at a Hilton Hotel is an anomaly.  On the other side of the country, young boys donned pink shirts and attended a Planned Parenthood overnight retreat at a Hilton in New Jersey.

And if you want to see Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood’s President, there’s a Hilton Hotel in Texas just for that:


This summer as you plan your vacations, remember you have a choice when you travel.  After all, Planned Parenthood is pro-choice.

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