Kate Brophy-McGee and Why We Shouldn’t Fall for the (R)

Despite weeks of promises, the country found we couldn’t depend on a Republican controlled Congress and Senate to vote to defund Planned Parenthood.  (It should be assumed Republicans vote pro-life since that is included in the GOP platform.)  We see the same inconsistencies from local politicians, whether they are on school boards or in state legislatures.

Kate Brophy McGee (R) represents Arizona’s District 28 in the State House.  She is well-known and experienced.  Before her election to this state-wide office she spent about ten years as a member of the Washington Elementary School Board in Phoenix, with multiple terms as Board President.

Recently an email was sent by a Republican activist requesting attendance and donations for a fundraiser for Brophy-McGee’s re-election:

*A fundraiser for LD28 Rep Kate Brophy McGee is scheduled between 5-7 pm., Wed., Jan 6 at Alexi’s Grill, 3550 N Central Ave,.Phx.*

Since her election to the Arizona House of Representatives, she has cast some curious votes, especially considering she calls herself a Republican.  Remember the GOP platform that says Republicans are pro-life?  Well, not necessarily if your skin has some color.  In 2011, Ms. Brophy-McGee voted NO on HB2443 which would prohibit abortions based on race and gender.  Is that a war on men or a war on women?

Similarly in 2012, Kate Brophy-McGee continued to vote like a liberal and voted against prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks gestation.  HB2036 should have been a slam dunk for babies in Arizona, but since they can’t vote, they must hold little value for  Brophy-McGee.

As Obamacare became a reality, we witnessed businesses grapple with whether they must ignore their conscience and provide insurance to cover contraceptives (this includes IUDs and the Pill, both of which act as abortions).  Being a free-market Republican, in 2012 Kate-Brophy McGee voted against allowing employers to refuse to pay for contraception for religious reasons.  HB2625 was very clear to include “religious affiliated employers”. Evidently Ms. Brophy-McGee decided to play Pope and advised employers like the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix they should include provisions for contraception and abortion in their insurance policies.

And finally,  HB2284 was a no-brainer that should have been a winner for anybody who truly cares about “womens’ health.”  This bill from 2014 authorized unannounced inspections of abortion facilities.  Surprise, surprise, Kate Brophy-McGee voted NO.  Let’s remove the words “abortion facility” and replace it with doctor’s office or dentist office.  Should those facilities be immuned from unannounced inspections, also, Ms. Kate?

The bottom line is Kate Brophy-McGee got her start in politics on a local school board.  Now she’s casting votes that are inconsistent with life and the Party platform she espouses.  Will her constituents hold her accountable?

Update 2-12-16:

Kate Brophy-McGee has decided to run for Arizona State Senate in 2016 due to another politician choosing to not seek reelection.  Immediately fellow Republicans exclaimed what a great legislator Ms. Brophy-McGee is. How does Catholic Governor Doug Ducey explain the above votes while he circles the wagons?

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