Arizona’s Juan Mendez Gets Attention From Complicit Media

It’s a new session in the Arizona Legislature so time for the state’s Representatives to attach their names to bills and get their names in lights, with the goal of mapping their way towards re-election later this year.

Such is the case with Juan Mendez, a State Representative from Legislative District 26, east of Phoenix.  Are all Democrats in Arizona endorsed by Planned Parenthood?  They appear to have the same excuse as they accept the endorsement:  Safe healthcare options for women in Arizona.   One would think all females risk their lives every time they walk into a physician’s office–>Planned Parenthood to the rescue!

As explained in a previous post, children currently attending Arizona schools are protected from the radical sex ed agenda.  Mr. Mendez either doesn’t like that or needs Planned Parenthood’s money and volunteers for his next campaign, so he’s aligned himself with those who think it’s a great idea for kindergartners to learn about sex and introduced AZ HB2140.  This bill is so radical it garnered a lot of media attention.  Check the box, Mr. Mendez will probably get a cool pink t-shirt like this from Planned Parenthood to wear when he campaigns later this year.

Are we to think parents of kindergarteners were calling Juan Mendez asking for sex ed in their child’s first year of school?  Did KTVK/KPHO ask Mr. Mendez who would be providing the sex ed materials and teacher training?  Carol Everett, a former abortion clinic owner says this:

pp sells abortions

Shame on the local media for not asking how Mr. Mendez will personally benefit from this bill being introduced, although he probably wouldn’t have answered.



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