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Recently we shared photos from the Arizona Education Association (AEA), the pseudo teachers union in the state, and their convention at a swanky Scottsdale Hotel. A lot of time has gone by since then, a whopping six weeks, so it was time for the poor teachers who have to work multiple jobs and can barely make ends meet to hang out again at that same swanky hotel. This time it was called the “AEA Summer Institute”. The average empathetic parent might think these get-togethers are to improve their child’s education, but the truth is the three-day event was solely political in nature. Sorry parents, your kids lose again even without attending Casino Night.

There’s that Communist fist, it might be parents’ first clue not is all is what they had hoped. The political activism training is merely to elect the most liberal of Democrats in every seat possible with the ultimate goal of keeping abortion legal and common, eventually making it the norm (#ShoutYourAbortion). That is what every election is about; taking other people’s children and mutilating them either physically or mentally. Imaging choosing a career path only to find out you will be shunned by your bosses if you actually love and want to protect children.

The beautiful hotel the AEA contracted with is no Motel 6; the Scottsdale Inn at McCormick Ranch will leave more than a light on for its guests.

How does one get invited to the racial training? Does a teacher’s skin have to be a certain color? Does a teacher have a better chance of an invite if they use pronouns in their email signature?

The invitation doesn’t say anything about training teachers to achieve results in which their students will actually be able to read and write English when they graduate from high school. This is political activism training, nothing else. At least everyone who attended the racist training EQUALLY received a new t-shirt! Those will look nifty at Curriculum Nights this fall. Let those parents know from the get-go their child’s teacher supports BLM, Critical Race Theory, abortion, sexual grooming in schools, and Drag Queen story hour.

There’s that fist again! Or maybe they are doing some light exercises before they head to the 5:30PM reception?

Attend more racism straight ahead. Will Caucasians be included in this caucus when the White race is the minority in the United States?

Let’s take a look at a bit more of the schedule for the weekend.

This AEA group really is all about power (there’s that pesky Communism again). There aren’t many references to student achievement. The schedule does mention “Family Partnerships”, but look closely. Never miss an opportunity to add the word “inclusive”.

At the May AEA meetings, masks were commonplace. This time, not so much. This is excellent news; it will be great for students to actually see their loving teachers’ faces again. When classes resume and school boards, the Arizona Department of Education, activist teachers, and the AEA start droning about masking up the kids, remind them the adults were fine during the summer interacting without masks.

Some may explain their masks were off because they were outside at some of the AEA events, but they weren’t outside all the time. Especially when the attendees were visiting the bar.

The highlight of the weekend was asking for more money. Yes, yes, yes that is a daily, maybe hourly occurence with the Arizona Education Association. But Friday night was special. Never miss an opportunity to fundraise, especially using the teachers who the AEA, like clockwork, tells us are underpaid.

It doesn’t look like there was going to be much social distancing at Casino Night. Here are some photos of the room during set up.

Hopefully the Union/Not Really a Union made a lot of money off of outgoing AEA President Joe Thomas so newly elected President Marisol Garcia has enough to spend. In the meantime, watch for those wearing red public education or the newly minted black “Fight” t-shirts to be doing some heavy lifting for the campaigns of the sexual groomers this election season.

One thought on “Join the Arizona Education Association and Party!

  • June 21, 2022 at 12:01 pm

    Great article about the shenanigans in AEA.Take children out of public schools, ie indoctrination centers.
    Devil-influenced perverts dictate to and run public schools.


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