Jill Humpherys Runs for Reelection (again) to Gilbert School Board; Her Views Better Align with Phoenix Union

We first met Jill Humpherys many years ago. She had been elected to the Gilbert Public School Board in 2012 for a 2-year term. Not long after, Planned Parenthood began its attempt to get into the Tempe Union High School District. During her 2014 campaign, things had become a bit contentious with Mrs. Humpherys. She was registered as a Republican at the time, but Gilbert residents didn’t feel confident with her. She must have felt a bit of pressure during that campaign, so guess who showed up to help Mrs. Humpherys: Planned Parenthood!

At the time she quietly supported the work done by the abortion mill. Since then, Planned Parenthood has diversified its persona and now masquerades under various umbrellas. Those who follow closely know Planned Parenthood is behind gender discussions in schools (without parental consent), including the QChat linked on the Arizona Department of Education’s website. Once gender-alphabet-child mutilation is accepted as mental health, it is absorbed by Social Emotional Learning and Critical Race Theory. Now Mrs. Humpherys has to make a decision. Is it just abortion she supports? Or does she support permanent sterilization and permanent drug use for children when wrapped up in a shiny box with a fancy name and supported by the state’s top education official?

Here is a video where she confirms her support for Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Mrs. Humpherys says SEL involves being kind and adults should also work on being kind. If being kind is important to her, why does she associate with those at Planned Parenthood?


Notice how Mrs. Humpherys worked in her opinion on guns. Aren’t Gilbert campuses “Gun Free Zones”?

We just finished a historic week in Arizona where it was proven parents want and will fight for Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs), where money follows the child’s education, not the system. Board Member Humpherys stood against these parents during the summer, choosing to protect the system and not the child.

2022-08-15 16.18.32 — Kapwing


Jill Humpherys stood WITH the abortion team of Save Our Schools Arizona while fighting against the children. It all makes sense. One either likes kids or not, size isn’t a determining factor.

It gets better. When asked one on one about her positions on ESAs and Planned Parenthood, Jill Humpherys got flustered. It’s tough to pretend to be pro-life and care about kids when campaign donations from an abortion mill are accepted.


Notice Mrs. Humpherys wording “When I lost my pregnancy…” That is Planned Parenthood talk! It’s a baby Mrs. Humpherys, only those who reassemble products of conception choose to strip a child of its dignity. Maybe it’s time to get Jill Humpherys a biology book.

Look at the woman in the following video wearing a “Unite for Education” shirt. She must have been sent to circle the wagons. The shirt is important, more on that momentarily.


Maybe the woman protecting Jill Humpherys would like the documentation we have from 2014.

No longer are school board candidates going to be able to earn a seat by just saying they care about kids and want to get along. Now that community members’ eyes are open, candidates will have to answer tough questions. While this post is mainly about Jill Humpherys and her tired shtick with Gilbert Public Schools, the shirt worn by the woman in the video reflects another huge problem in every school district. Where is all the money going and why do school districts constantly demand more? Watch this video to learn more about “Unite for Education”.

Collette Evans ties to GPS Gilbert Public Schools Corruption – YouTube

While driving around your cities, stop and look at your local school district signs which support another bond and override. Do a little research and you will likely see a similar pattern of supporters.

Like all liberals, Jill Humpherys supports more tax money, less freedom, a broken system, and the abortion clique. The abortionists are doing a superb job winning local elections leading uninformed voters to think all problems are solved with money.

Jill Humpherys allies at Save Our Schools Arizona failed miserably, but they aren’t giving up as their leader told a local television station. For them, they want all children in their failing government schools so they can sexually indoctrinate them. It’s all about abortion that pregnancy thing, right Jill?

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