It’s Not Comprehensive, There Is A Missing Piece

School districts make themselves feel better by describing their Sex Ed curriculums as “Comprehensive.”  This way parents feel the subject is thoroughly explained.  (Although when we refer to Comprehensive Sex Ed, a lot is often way more than enough.)

Regardless, there is a clear component missing from Tempe Union High School’s FLASH curriculum.  While the pages show detailed pictures of male parts, that’s as far as it goes.  Nowhere does it say if a girl becomes pregnant the boyfriend should man up and take a leadership role assisting his girlfriend to either care for the baby or put it up for adoption.

Planned Parenthood pushes its way into schools, comes between parents and their kids, families and their churches/values,  and completely erases the males involved.

Unless and of course the guy feels he is desiring an alternative lifestyle or maybe he feels he’s a different gender.  There are no less than 8 pages of gender identity information in the teachers manual in TUHSD.

We also hear from feminists that men shouldn’t be making decisions about women’s health.  Okay, then why is Bryan Howard president of Arizona Planned Parenthood?



Our families are crumbling for a variety of reasons.  Our society will not stand without the family and our families will cease to exist if we continue to push men to the side.  They are more than a drawing in a warped curriculum.  Let’s give guys of all ages some credit and some encouragement.

(For more information about the role men should play in society, read “Into The Breach.”)










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