Is Your Local Planned Parenthood Sending Money to Your Schools to Get Its Foot in the Door?

School Districts often receive grant money from various sources.  They may not report the source, the amount of the money, or how it is used.

Planned Parenthood is an organization which provides grant money to schools;  this money is flowing via your tax dollars to state and the federal government.

Is your state or region on this list?

When reading the link, don’t fall for Planned Parenthood’s tactics stating public opinion is FOR Comprehensive Sex Ed.  Remember, many folks don’t know what Comprehensive Sex Ed really is.  Once parents and taxpayers are educated, they usually want their children exposed to less controversial, more age-appropriate material, or want to keep Sex Ed in the home.

Always remember, Planned Parenthood is a business and they are very crafty.  While we are working and raising families, PP is scheming, and successfully I might add.

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