How We Are All Participating in Abortion and We Don’t Even See It

The pressure is on around the world, in the United States, in Arizona, and likely in your town to get vaccinated for Covid-19. Instead of urging the community to check with their doctors, the state of Arizona uses electronic traffic signs to urge residents to hurry up and get the abortion-tainted shot. The City of Tempe puts abortion-tainted vaccine reminders in their monthly newsletter. Even Pope Francis is ignoring the vaccines’ ties to abortion and is guilting Catholics and the College of Cardinals to participate in abortion by getting jabbed. Catholics may not know the vaccines were developed and/or researched with aborted baby cells because the Satanic media purposely hides this information.

This is how Evil works, through confusion and darkness. It’s a great example of the danger of moral relativism. The last stumbling block for profit-driven Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry is the Catholic Church, and the Church caved in Phoenix. One Covid vax event wasn’t enough for the Cathedral so they had a second one on September 11th. Prayer warriors who were saying the rosary outside the building were kicked off the property. This is eerily similar to how Planned Parenthood treats those holding rosaries. Watch the video below as a St. Simon and Jude school employee admits she knows the Covid vaccines are abortion-tainted but continues with the event regardless.

Notice the third party employees hired by the Cathedral hide behind their black masks (and they wear black, quite fitting). The only question the prayer warriors wanted answered was whether the Johnson & Johnson shot was available at this second event, as it was at the first. The staff was very defensive when questioned. And the school employee admitted she knew about the abortion ties but she seemed to wash her hands of it.

Evidently once a person is further from the crime, the crime becomes more acceptable. This leads to problems as an individual will never have to take responsibility for his or her actions. Someone else can always be blamed. Remember when we were shocked to find out Planned Parenthood wants to influence students behind the walls of their school? Then we were more shocked to find out Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts to researchers for profit. By accepting these vaccines which also use aborted cells, and cells are part of a baby’s body, we have quietly become complicit in the culture’s twisted acceptance of abortion. The lines are getting more and more blurry.

In this case, the man was only delivering food to the abortion vaccine event: “I deliver food that’s all I do.” Is this any different from those who deliver medical supplies to Planned Parenthood? Or those who do the abortion mill’s taxes each year? There was an example in history of a man passing blame and it didn’t turn out too well. His name was Adam.

Those concerned about the abortion vaccine event at St. Simon and Jude Cathedral were told the area is underserved, so the event was needed. However, simultaneously another vaccine event was occurring only a few miles away at a local high school. Better yet, the entire Phoenix Union High School District, ironically less than a mile from where St. Simon and Jude Cathedral sits, is fully involved with offering abortion-tainted vaccines to students, staff, and community members. In fact, Phoenix Union has decided to move to full-on contest mode instead of teaching students to read and write.

Phoenix Union is providing gift cards as incentives to students AND teachers who succumb to the pressure to take an abortion-tainted shot. Who is funding those gift cards?

Why are institutions dumping their primary responsibilities to promote a shot? Both the Catholic Church and school districts claim to care about children, but then there is this:

And how about this father with the broken heart:

While the jury is still out on the long term effects of the abortion-tainted Covid vaccines, the fact remains: Abortion ruins everything. The Dark Side’s plan is desensitize to scandalize, and it’s working.

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